Working on Relationships

Capricorn will do much to make sure a relationship works and becomes more meaningful over time - not least by making more money to improve the home. The family cars will get bigger, and the garden will grow prettier.

Taking the relationship so seriously, Capricorns must guard against working so hard that they miss out on enjoying life with their partners. Working extra hours to further ambitions and earn more is admirable, but Capricorns must remember that they need to live and have fun too. Even though they are forever getting nearer to the peak of their own special mountain, it is all too easy for them to neglect the delightful "giddy goat" side of their nature. Keeping a balance is important, and there's no denying that goats are good at it, but it may be a tough battle for the partner to impress upon the ambitious Capricorn that there should be time for fun in life.


Sun-sign Capricorns have a conventional outlook on life. No matter whether the individual is young or old (though the young may not readily admit it ), they are the most conformist of all 12 zodiac signs, with an inner voice which tells them always to do "the right and proper thing". Here is a possible source of conflict, because their neighbouring sign in the zodiac is Aquarius - the least conventional. So for many Capricorns there is a contrasting influence from the position of Mercury - because that planet can often be in Aquarius, and at times they will be caught between acting in a conventional manner or taking a more original line of action.

A traditional wedding appeals to Capricorns, who like to follow the rules.

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