Wise Investments

If Virgos receive an unexpected boost to their bank account - maybe after a flutter on the lottery or as a result of an inheritance - they will definitely be among those who claim that "it won't change my life". That will at least be the basic idea; but pressures from their loved ones will in the end make them change their minds. In spite of this, their needs are often considerably simpler than with most of us, so if they really stick to their original reaction and do not let their increased bank balance affect their lifestyle, their best approach is to further develop their business skills and be more enterprising. Using their powers of communication on these occasions will also be a useful asset. They may well be inspired to give a large sum to a favourite charity. If this is the case they should also aim to get directly involved with the work the charity does; they will be fascinated to see where and how their endowment is being used.

Many Virgos enjoy organic food, and here is an area for potential investment. If finances allow, the actual growing of organic vegetables and fruit will be an extremely rewarding interest for them.

Growing vegetables or investing in organic farming will be of great interest to Virgos.

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