Virgo in love

When Virgos realize they have fallen in love an all too common reaction is: "But what does he or she see in me?" The chances are that the admired one will see a very great deal that is lively, friendly, and - contrary to tradition -extremely sexy. What is also fascinating is Virgo's very natural and genuine modesty. It has a great deal of charm, but, like their initial self-questioning, can convince them that they are not really very attractive. They should remember that shyness can be a great aphrodisiac.

A Concerned Attitude

Virgos will be very concerned to do good things for their lovers, making sure of their creature comforts and


Virgos have genuine modesty and shyness, which can be very appealing.

The Moon in Virgo adds a lively, colourful quality to the individual, whose talent and potential will be seen and expressed through his or her Sun and Rising signs. This placing will also give a tremendous intellectual boost which will increase the speed of understanding of subjects and areas where a Virgoan has real talent and potential. In certain cases a natural and animated scepticism will be present and counter that all too human failing, gullibility.

worrying about them. But it certainly can be the case that a concern about what their lover might think of them can dampen down the physical expression of love. In most cases Virgos come to terms with this, although perhaps more slowly than many other zodiac types. They learn to accept compliments graciously, and eventually welcome a more intimate development of the relationship. There is a romantic side to their nature which cries out for expression; it is up to the partner to recognize it and use it to help the Virgo to relax and enjoy their sex life.

Those Virgos for whom this is just too difficult will find expression of emotion in other ways. It may be through their interests or career, or perhaps by looking after an elderly relative for a long period of time. All this is very well-meaning, but Virgos should try not to spend too much time worrying about their partners, or whether they themselves are looking right for the next date, and just throw themselves into the experience of being in love. They should enjoy it in the conviction that with any luck it will go on for as long as they want it to. No problem about their being committed: they are very faithful lovers.

Virgos have genuine modesty and shyness, which can be very appealing.

We can always get a great deal of additional information about any sign's attitude to love and sex from the influences of Venus and Mars. For Virgos, the influence of Venus is of above average importance, so additional information will be gleaned from the Venus sign.

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