Virgo in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

The lively activity of Virgos makes them fun, and also very useful. While they live extremely busy lives, we nearly always get a positive response if we ask for their help. Yes, they will manage to fit in feeding and walking our dog when we have to be out for longer than usual - even if their day is full of back-to-back appointments. If we are organizing a party or some event, they will again turn up trumps, and, provided they know exactly what we want them to do, their efficiency shows itself and blossoms. If they find a situation confusing, they can easily get rather worried and flummoxed, which causes them unnecessary strain.

Probably the best turn we can do for our Virgo friends is to help them build up their confidence. We should encourage them to think more positively about themselves, and to acknowledge and feel good about the depth and breadth of their skills and achievements. Many Virgos are genuinely shy, and if they become overtalkative in company, the chances are that they are feeling somewhat ill at ease and endeavouring to cover up their nervousness.

Sharing Leisure Time

It is particularly rewarding to share a common interest with friends of this sign because they get tremendous satisfaction from their hobbies. Outside of their career, they will certainly have at least one really important spare-time interest which will be all-engulfing. If we share it with them, our own progress and involvement will develop considerably due to our friend's enthusiasm. Of course, we must expect them to criticize our inferior efforts -that is just the way they are - but the competitive element can be fun, as we assess each other's efforts.

Pleasing a Virgo friend is not difficult. They are nature lovers, so a surprise visit to a spectacular garden or arboretum will give enormous pleasure. The Mercury influence, which makes them good communicators, will ensure that we are kept in touch with their multitudinous activities, and that conversation is never at a standstill. If they are not into exercise we will do well to encourage them to get involved. They need regular workouts, and if bored with sessions at the gym, walking or cycling is ideal. Here too is potential for us to get moving along with our Virgo friends who really need to keep their high-keyed systems in balance to avoid restlessness or a build up of tension.

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