Virgo in Education Jobs and Money

Parents of very young Virgos will find their children talking much earlier than seems possible, and making themselves, and their wishes and protests, thoroughly understood. They will be somewhat shy during early nursery school days, and every effort must be made on the part of parents and teachers to boost self-confidence. Sometimes, grown-ups tend to tease children who appear shy. This is not a good idea with little Virgos, because their shyness is inherent; support, encouragement, and absolutely no teasing are very important. It is equally unproductive if the child hears parents say, "of course, you know she's shy." Such comments will only reinforce the tendency, and, more likely than not, Miss or Master Virgo will run out of the room; and who's to blame them?

Once there is an element of self-confidence present, Virgo children are at a considerable advantage at day school. Not only will their exercise books, course work, and handwriting be neat and tidy, but they will take to computer skills like a fish to water. Here we have thoroughly useful little people who will immediately want to help the teacher by giving out books or whatever and clearing up after class. This will often make them something of a teacher's pet, and result in a certain amount of teasing and even bullying. They must learn early on to stand up for themselves. They may well have to learn the hard way when told to stop talking. They are plodders, but their enquiring and lively minds will move them onward and upward.

Further Education

It is at university that the Virgos' naturally critical and sceptical minds will develop. They will enjoy debate and discussion, and if they have particularly good communicating skills, courses in media studies will be rewarding. Ecology will be attractive, as will agriculture, horticulture, business studies, and many other related areas. Creative young Virgos often take to designing pottery and craftwork, and in such cases, art college will be a good choice.

It is important to remember that worry will upset the Virgo stomach from the earliest of school days; the announcement of a tummy ache will

An attraction for books may lead a Virgo to become a writer, bookseller, or librarian.

be quickly followed by the plea: "Do I have to go to school today?" The pain will be due to some worry rather than anything that has been eaten, and it will be as well for parents to discover the real cause. They are also likely to take to a vegetarian diet from quite an early age.


As with anyone suffering from anxiety, it is no use telling a Virgo to stop worrying, but there is an approach they should adopt which expresses both their logic and common sense. They should make lists of the pros and cons of every aspect of a problem and weigh one column against the other. Their natural logic will then kick in, and they will find it easier to reach a decision. Decision-making is actually not very difficult for Virgos - but the degree of ease depends on the sign Mercury was in when they were born.

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