Virgo as moon sign

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Perhaps, rather more than with most signs, we find striking similarities between the influence of the Moon, Sun, and Ascendant in Virgo. As ever, the Virgo's response to situations will be coloured by the Moon-sign influence, and it is here that the three governing influences tend to come together. They possess enormous resources of nervous energy, which, if channelled positively, can enhance the individual's generous supply of practical ability. Because of the speed of their reactions and responses, these people are in an excellent position to keep ahead of rivals. Their repartee will have a sharp, critical edge, and they will, more than they actually realize at the time, put many an erring person thoroughly in their place.

A Nervous Stomach

The stomach upsets, which occur often with little or no apparent reason, usually spring from worry, especially if there is a sudden or unexpected problem. All this is further complicated because these individuals are extremely rational and practical. They should more often tell themselves to "go for it", and use all their strong, positive qualities with more determination. They do not lack purpose, but are often fearful of expressing it as forcefully as they should. They should learn to express their emotions and opinions sincerely, and not hesitate to say what they feel and what they think. When this happens (sometimes on the spur of the moment) it can have a stunning effect.

A vegetarian diet particularly suits Ascendant Virgos.

A vegetarian diet particularly suits Ascendant Virgos.

Sharing a common hobby with a Virgo can be a rewarding experience because of their natural enthusiasm.

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