Virgo as ascendant

When Virgo is the Rising sign, the sign on the Midheaven (see p283) is quite often Gemini. In such cases, the links between the two signs are considerably strengthened, as is the influence of the individual's Mercury sign.

Here we have a truly "mercurial" person - one who is very talkative and often unable to sit still for long, and exercise is essential for a virgo"

whose liveliness is more infectious than that of a Sun-sign Virgo. Rising-sign Virgos may become self-critical, sometimes to the point of undermining their confidence - which is not always particularly strong, whether the influence is from the Sun or Ascendant.

The Need for Exercise

We must remember that the nervous energy levels are extremely high when Virgo rises. Taking regular exercise is essential - tough workouts at the gym in the case of youngsters, and brisk walking, preferably in the country, if they are older. Interest in an active sport, such as tennis or netball, will be excellent; it is important to their general wellbeing that they keep moving. The most suitable sport for them is one which makes demands on their mind and intelligence.

While many may tend to underestimate their intellectual potential, and will go no further than becoming expert crossword addicts or getting hooked on "brain teasers", they are capable of stretching their minds and intellect in all kinds of directions. They should think, for instance, of always attending at least

one demanding study course every academic year. The potential for communicating their ideas and opinions is very powerful in them, and there is a strong chance that they will find work in the media.

A Virgo's health is strongly related to the Rising-sign influence, and the traditional Virgo body areas are the stomach and intestines. More often than not, stress or a worrying problem The Virgo symbol of a Virgin will affect the stomach and result in bouts of diarrhoea, constipation, or indigestion. Worrying excessively can also cause a build up of headaches or migraines. Many individuals of this sign are vegetarians, and were so long before it became as popular as it is today; it particularly suits those with a Virgo Ascendant. We find that many are sensitive to conventional prescription drugs, to which they can be allergic. Homeopathic remedies are often more successful in such cases.

Yet in spite of these forthright qualities there is very often a lack of self-confidence. When meeting strangers or challenged in any way, the Moon-in-Virgo person will immediately become nervously ^ talkative. They can nurse a conviction that they are in some way "not good enough", or "not clever enough". This can go really deep, and inhibition can restrict their progress in life and also preclude many enriching experiences.

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