Virgo as a sun sign

Mercury, virgo's ruling planet, is shared with Gemini, and its influence on both signs is clearly visible. Here are excellent communicators; they have bright, lively minds and are hardly ever still. In addition, virgoans have enormous reserves of nervous energy, which need constant and regular expression through lifestyle, spare-time interests and possibly the working life.

The influence of the earth element makes virgoans very practical and industrious. They flourish when they have set out the pattern of their day and can work to it. it suits them to know exactly what they have to do, and when. They need order in their lives, and a sense of security.

Unless other areas of the birth chart show that they have breadth of vision and can assess the overall picture, virgoans have a tendency to get bogged down in detail and sometimes miss out on the wider concept of a project or plan. awareness of this often helps them to balance what can be rather finicky over-planning with a view of the wider picture.

virgoans are the natural critics of the zodiac; they see loop-holes in any and every situation, plan, or

The illustration for September from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), with the Virgoan Virgin shown in the astrological chart at the top of the image.

Virgo's symbol of the Virgin, as depicted on the page for September from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript produced in France in around 1423.


Symbol The Virgin Sun Sign Dates 24 August-22 September Ruling Planet Mercury Element or Triplicity Earth Quality or Quadruplicity Mutable

Positive/Negative Negative Body Areas Stomach and Intestines Polar Sign Pisces

argument, and will be as quick as a flea to pick them up and point them out to whoever needs to know. Those who are less observant will be amazed at this facility, and will be thankful to their Virgo friends for saving them from making silly mistakes.

Like their Geminian cousins, Virgos are very talkative and enjoy communicating ideas and concepts to anyone who will take an interest. They will enthrall us with what they have to say, and by the lively, often bouncy way in which they express themselves.

Although their logic is of the highest quality, Virgos, nevertheless, still share with Cancerians the top prize for worry. Their apprehension is probably rooted in the fact that, since they look at every problem and situation from many points of view, the negative aspects of it are bound to present themselves along with the positive ones. Although they are generally not pessimistic, it does seem that the worst possible scenarios tend to dominate their thinking.

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