Virgo and careers

Here is the perfect and efficient personal assistant, the meticulous editor, the brilliant gardener, the hugely caring nurse, beautician, personal trainer, critic, and so on. The areas in which Virgos can find a rewarding niche are many and varied. Any job in which detailed work is called for, and where there is an element of service to others, will be rewarding. The immaculately dressed butler or housekeeper springs to mind, as does employment as an estate or any kind of agent. Acting as a go-between also has considerable attractions. Many are extremely bookish, and certainly there are more than a fair share of successful writers, librarians, and bookshop owners and assistants. Those connected with health, hygiene, and diet have also emerged from this zodiac group.

We must include the media here too. Remembering their communication skills, working in sound radio often has a strong appeal, as does any behind-the-scenes work for television. Appearing in front of the camera can have its problems, for if a tendency to self-consciousness is present in the individual this will immediately mar the performance. What is also important to them is to find a career that stretches them intellectually and includes a good level of variety - to offset any possibility of boredom in the daily rounds.


Virgos do need to be aware that they can become hypercritical, and should try not to lash out at colleagues. They can express this tendency toward pupils and students if they are in the teaching profession. If it is controlled they do make very good teachers - learning to criticize with a sense of humour is an enormous asset for them.

The Virgo tendency to worry will slow progress and is all too likely to bother them, from small day-to-day problems to whether they will still be in work this time next year. They should not get bogged down in the minute details of problems, but apply logic and common sense to keep the difficulty in perspective, and not allow it to mar their output or performance. They need to be kept busy, and if they are out of work, they should set themselves a schedule and keep to it. If they have been made redundant or dismissed, their self-esteem will have had a severe blow and

They will not squander cash or stretch their plastic to buy that expensive designer dress - rather a simple black number and a variety of accessories to make it look as varied as possible for all kinds of occasions. They sometimes give the impression that they are less well off then they really are. Having a healthy bank balance gives them additional security, whereas any overspending would increase the possibility of ongoing worries. Here is another zodiac group

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