So coats on, and off to the showroom or garden centre to spend that money!

All this may well suggest that Ariens have absolutely no sense where cash is concerned, but in fact quite often the situation is very different. It seems that their constant quest to move on, and concomitant loathing for retreat, actually encourages a certain canniness when it comes to finance.

While the typical impulsiveness is never far from the surface, interesting investments will definitely attract Ariens. News of the development of mini-business - which no doubt will build into a plan for financial growth later in life when retirement looms. Retirement? Aries? Never! But a rescheduling of their lifestyle, maybe. Then, of course, there is the all-consuming hobby to take into account, which could transform into a paying proposition later in life.

We must not forget the influence of the fire element on Aries, which can make gambling appear very attractive. It is usually the case, however, that due to other stabilizing

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