Trust and Confidence

If Scorpios become uncommunicative or moody, it may be because they have some problem about which they find it difficult to open up and talk. Friends will need to assure them of their trustworthiness before Scorpios can confide in them. It is relatively easy to encourage them to discuss any day-today family or work problem. But if they are troubled by some long-standing and perhaps deep-rooted psychological trouble, we need to do everything we can to encourage them to seek therapy. It is all too easy for a problem of this sort to seriously injure a Scorpio's psyche.

Tact is necessary if one has to split time between Scorpio friends and others, who they may or may not know well. Scorpios can get jealous very easily, and then one will have to do a lot of careful explaining, lest the friendship takes a permanent hit. The suggestion of a get-together with other friends will, however, be a good litmus test. If the Scorpio clams up, then the problem is unresolved; if there is a happy grin, then the case is won. If they are truly delighted, they will suggest uncorking another bottle of champagne. Scorpios love good wine and to have fun; they also like to make a good impression.

Champagne, with its image of sophistication and fun, is the perfect tipple for Scorpio.

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