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The placing of the planets within the 12 houses adds another dimension to the horoscope, sometimes accentuating and sometimes softening traits, depending on the combination of house and planet.


SUN The strength of the Sun on the Ascendant characteristics will make individuals a double Cancer, Leo, or whatever. Both positive and negative qualities will be present, and the aspects the Sun receives will also be important. Back problems are likely. MOON Here the individual will respond and react in the characteristic manner of the Ascendant. This is another kind of "double", according to the sign involved. Digestive upsets, and worry. But increased intuition and emotion. MERCU RY This planet will add a lively, intellectual quality, mental brightness, and quick thinking to the Ascendant characteristics. There will be an element of duality present, also

Mercury in the First House adds intellectual acuity to the Ascendant characteristics.

Mercury in the First House adds intellectual acuity to the Ascendant characteristics.


Any planet that is placed in this house will considerably influence the characteristics of the Ascendant, or Rising sign.

artfulness, cunning, critical acumen, and vulnerability to nervous stress and tension.

VENUS Here, Venus will soften but sometimes weaken the characteristics of the Ascendant, adding charm and some possessiveness. There will be kindness, sympathy, empathy, and often extravagance. Sore throats are likely. MARS Here Mars is "at home" so its influence is powerful, whatever sign is involved. Individuals will find that it contributes increased physical energy, assertiveness, elements of selfishness, hastiness, and a flair for sport. They have a tendency to take risks and are also prone to headaches. JUPITER The planet adds breadth of vision, optimism, enthusiasm, an intense love of travel, and a gambling instinct. There is, potentially, a brilliant mind which requires stimulation. Weight gain to hips and thighs is likely. SATURN Will sober the Ascendant characteristics. Often causes inhibition, lack of self-confidence, and bouts of depression. A conventional outlook, with determination and ambition. These individuals will take life seriously. The knees and shins are vulnerable.

URANUS Will contribute unpredictability, originality, independence, and often stubbornness. There can be a tendency to be unconventional and perverse, along with flashes of brilliance and original ideas. Above average periods of stress and tension are likely. N EPTU N E Here, Ascendant characteristics will be weakened, especially for Libra and Scorpio. The planet adds kindness and tenderness, but self-deception and a tendency to take the easy route is common. Possible foot problems.

PLUTO A dynamic force. Sweeping changes will be made and psychologically needed too. The individual must learn not to bottle up problems. A seeker with detective instincts. Can be obsessive - especially over self-analysis. possible genital problems. CHIRON Will add energy, daring and panache to the characteristics of the Ascendant, along with the ability to self-heal physical, emotional, and psychological wounds.


SUN The ability to make and spend money will be very important in this case, as will a liking for sumptuous things. Possessiveness will occur, and self-indulgence is likely. MOON The Moon's influence will work strongly from this house. A hankering for the good things of life will be matched with possessiveness, which could lead to regret. Shrewdness in financial matters is common. MERCURY People with this combination will enjoy making money - and spending it quickly! Financial situations will therefore fluctuate, while the speed of Mercury thought will be slowed. VENUS Venus is powerful in this, the Taurus house. There will be Taurean characteristics in the personality -modifying them by the Venus sign or enhancing them if also the Sun sign. Very loving, but possessive. MARS A passionate person who will want and get a lot of everything. There will be masses of strong feelings which need an outlet, and a keeness to make money. Physically tough, especially the men. JUPITER Will work well from this house, contributing bonhomie, a sense of fun and humour, and a need for good living and comfort. Tendency to weight gain due to love of rich food and wine. SATURN Here there will be a tendency to work extremely hard for every penny earned, and as a consequence

Money is a key theme of the Second House, and each planet gives its own distinct nuance to the theme.

Money is a key theme of the Second House, and each planet gives its own distinct nuance to the theme.

will have a sensible attitude to finance. Somewhat restrained expressions of feelings are likely.

URANUS An erratic attitude to money is common. A steady income may be elusive, and money will often be spent unwisely, possibly in unlikely get-rich schemes. Will express feelings dazzlingly and with flattery, but may not be totally sincere. Freedom loving. NEPTUNE Emotions, with perhaps a tad of possessiveness, will flow towards those whom these individuals admire. Very generous, hopeless with cash, and will over-spend and usually need help with finances. Will love beautiful objects.

PLUTO A control of finances and a flair for making money is very likely indeed. A similar attitude is often the case when expressing feelings - will hold back at first, then sweep admired ones off their feet. CHIRON A free-wheeling attitude to finances and possessions is common here - won't particularly care for either, but will soon recover losses. Will express feelings in a bright, slightly off-hand and maybe jokey way, but will be good company.

Investigative journalism is a possible career for those who have Pluto in the Third House.


vision is excellent, but a grasp of detail may be lacking.

SATU R N Here is a good, retentive mind, though the thinking processes will be slow, as will be progress at school. These individuals should be let to pace themselves. A responsible sibling. URANUS A brilliant and original, but stubborn mind - and one that needs constant stimulation. There will be erratic progress at school, with a tendency to shock, just for the hell of it! NEPTUNE Children with Neptune in the Third House will take a while to settle at school. While fertile, their imagination will need guidance and encouragement. Singing potential may exist. PLUTO A conflict will occur between the need to communicate and secretiveness. Encouragement in talking over problems is necessary if things go wrong at school or with siblings. Good prospects for investigative journalism. CHIRON There will be a bright and lively mind with Chiron in the Third House, but often a tendency to be sceptical about their ability to cope. Encouragement must be given when original or imaginative ideas emerge, then confidence will build.

Investigative journalism is a possible career for those who have Pluto in the Third House.

SUN Excellent powers of communication. Versatility and Geminian traits will be present, especially if this is the Sun sign. There will be erratic progress at school; consistency of effort must be learned. MOON The Moon accentuates a lively mind, but these individuals will have extremely changeable opinions. An instinctive need for knowledge is present but is often superficial. Shrewdness, cunning, and cleverness are usually present. A caring sibling. MERCURY Here Mercury, in its own house, is powerful, and a quick-thinking mind is present. Changeability and inconsistency of effort must be controlled. These individuals will be artful and sometimes duplicitous. VENUS The planet Venus will encourage these individuals to win their way into prospective lovers' hearts through eloquence. Sympathetic communication with others is usual, as is charm and youthful looks. MARS A sharp, quick mind, and argumentativeness and sometimes aggression - but the bark may be worse than the bite. School is enjoyed and good progress in studies is generally made. JUPITER Mental challenges will be particularly enjoyed here. These individuals will always be at least one intellectual step ahead of rivals, especially at school. Breadth of

Singing potential may be present in children who have Neptune in the Third House.


SUN These individuals are very family oriented, and need its support and security. Above average closeness to the mother, or perhaps specific problems concerning her, are likely. A strong desire for parenthood.

MOON The strength of the Moon is considerably increased from this house, accenting all the characteristics of its sign, expressed through reactions and emotions. A love of, or work with, children is a special characteristic. MERCURY The influence of the Mercury sign will be related to home and family. An individual here will worry too much about the children (if Cancer or Virgo), stimulate them mentally (if Gemini or Sagittarius), and so on.

VENUS A relaxed attitude towards home and family, peace, and harmony will be desired, and children may be spoilt to achieve this. These individuals will be keen to make their homes beautiful and very comfortable. MARS Here, energy will be spent on DIY home improvements. Partnerships may be rushed into through an enthusiasm for family life. parents will expect their children to be fun-loving and noisy, and lively arguments will often occur. JUPITER As parents, these lively souls will do much to further their children's education, and the home will be full of books and intellectually stimulating games. Enthusiasm for family participation in sport and exercise is likely. SATU RN This placing very often shows that the father was either particularly strict or absent. The childhood might have lacked warmth and comforts, with importance paid to discipline and following rules instead.

URANUS Here conflict occurs between the need for a conventional family life and personal freedom and self expression. Within the family unit, those with this placing tend to be "different", with others making allowances for them. N E PTU N E An over-idealistic attitude towards home and family life is common, with individuals often deluding themselves as to what is going on. Love and affection will be present, and possibly problems with alcohol or drugs. PLUTO Frustration during childhood and youth is common here. perhaps parents have stopped these individuals from doing what they really want, and thereby blocked potential talent. Intuition is increased and used to overcome parental conflicts. CHIRON With Chiron placed here, there is a tendency to be intense and brooding, along with a nervous disposition. Self-confidence needs to be built, perhaps through sports such as swimming or yachting.

Yachting is a way to build confidence for those with Chiron in the Fourth House.

Yachting is a way to build confidence for those with Chiron in the Fourth House.


SUN Here the Sun's usual strength, whatever its sign, takes on certain leonine qualities. These individuals have a happy disposition, are ambitious, extrovert, creative, and good organizers; they make lively, if bossy, parents.

MOON There is usually creativity, a powerful imagination, and intuition. Often the creative urge is expressed through having children, and here we often see very young parents. It is also common for great pleasure to be taken from lovemaking. MERCURY Here are clever minds who enjoy risk-taking - maybe gambling or dangerous sport. Creativity is sometimes expressed through writing or painting. Assiduous lovers, who plan their approach to prospective partners. VENUS Appreciation of all art forms is likely, as is support for the arts. A laid-back attitude may diminish an otherwise creative output. Here are passionate lovers who will have many affairs.

MARS The energy level is considerable, and enthusiasm for sporting activity -from the bedroom to the sports field -is certain. A tendency to take risks is very likely, and often money is wasted on gambling. JUPITER The gambling spirit is very strong here, and needs to be consciously controlled. Broadmindedness, optimism, and enjoyment of life and love is very much part of these individuals' personalities. SATURN Here is a "put-down" effect on individuals who suffer, or have suffered, a strict father. Creativity and joyfulness may have been inhibited, causing frustration and pushing them in unwanted directions. URANUS This brings originality and flair to all creativity, and so makes for brilliant cooks as well as painters, and writers. These people will enjoy an exciting love life with their partners, but will delay commitment. NEPTUNE The permutation adds imaginative creativity and an extremely romantic and over-idealistic nature. There is a tendency to drift up to cloud nine every time these individuals are even slightly attracted to a new partner.

PLUTO These individuals will strive to develop their potential in whatever area attracts them. Determination to win prospective partners is present, and a passionate sex life follows. However, some suffer sexual frustration and inhibition. CHIRON The childish enthusiasm for life that Chiron engenders may be crushed by strict parents demanding maturity. This can dampen expressions of love and sex.

Casinos are likely to be highly attractive if Mercury, Mars, or Jupiter are in the Fifth House.

A predilection for rich foods is a common trait for individuals who have Venus or Jupiter in the Sixth House.

A predilection for rich foods is a common trait for individuals who have Venus or Jupiter in the Sixth House.


SUN Whatever the Sun sign, here is dedication to work and the need for a predictable routine. Health indications emphasized according to the Sun sign; vulnerability to stress and worry. MOON Diet is of above average importance and, if the Moon sign is sympathetic, vegetarianism could appeal. Relaxation techniques are advisable to counter stress, nervous tension, or digestive upsets. MERCURY The planet's influence is increased in this, its own house. A lively and sharp mind, and critical acumen will be pronounced. Considerable attention to detail and a strong tendency to worry. VENUS There will be lack of motivation to exercise and generally a laid-back attitude to routine work is common. A certain predilection for sweet, rich food can cause weight gain and a loss of physical attractiveness. MARS Here, Mars will invigorate the nervous system and encourage a lively mind that particularly enjoys verbal battles. Hasty decision-making can cause premature action. Stress should be worked off with exercise. JUPITER There will be breadth of vision and optimism. It is important that these individuals really watch their diet, as the expansion influence of Jupiter plays havoc with the figure, resulting in a lot of weight gain. SATURN There is an ability to work hard in a disciplined way with this permutation, but this quality can turn into an obsessional need, with the individual neglecting family life in the pursuit of riches. URANUS Uranus will contribute originality and innovation, and these qualities will be incorporated into the working life. Scope for freedom of expression is necessary if life's routines are not to become a bore. Regular, sensible eating habits are advisable. NEPTUNE A tendency to hypochondria often mars the sense of wellbeing. Medically prescribed drugs can have a negative effect, and homeopathic remedies are a useful alternative. Recreational drugs and smoking are particular dangers. PLUTO Routine is important -especially if Pluto is in Virgo. Being too hard on the self, as far as work patterns are concerned, can lead to stress and overworking. Bowel complaints are common. CHIRON These individuals can be obsessive over even minor inhibitions. A rational and logical attitude will enable the individual to avoid stress and self-doubt which may otherwise occur.


SUN Here is a strong need to relate to others, not only on a one-to-one basis, but also more generally; good relationships with business partners and colleagues is important too. The Venus sign/house placing will be very significant in this case. MOON The Moon increases the ability of these individuals to respond sensitively and well to their partners' needs. A tendency to attempt to be wholly at one with the partner results in suppression of individuality. MERCURY In this case, a lively intellectual rapport will be necessary within all permanent relationships, as too a strong level of pure friendship. Shared interests, along with empathy, will make for great understanding and successful relationships. VENUS There is a tendency to fall in love with love, which can lead to above average heartbreak. But here is potential for a superb relationship, provided that friendship and good communication are not ignored. MARS A vibrant and long-lasting sex life is important here. There is also a great willingness and determination to work together for the relationship's future stability. However, a quarrelsome temperament is likely, which could be disruptive. JUPITER There is a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards relationships, but often these individuals have unrealistic expectations of their partners. A tendency to give up too soon is common, especially if they are young. S AT U R N Relationships will be taken seriously and delayed because of a need for certainty. There is a preference for partners who are older, and who can be looked up to - perhaps a "mother" or "father" figure. URANUS A strong desire for a fulfilling relationship may clash with an inherent need for independence and a desire for freedom of expression. These individuals will have an extremely romantic streak, with the power to exert great charm. NEpTUNE These people will experience terrific highs and lows in their relationships. Care is needed that they do not make commitments prematurely; they can easily lose touch with reality when under the spell of love. PLUTO With Pluto in the Seventh House, there is a tendency to dominate relationships; this should be corrected before the other partner crumbles. The emotional content will be high; if it is expressed positively, all will be well. CHIRON Here is a tendency to merge with the partner and lose all individual identity. By telling themselves that this is what they want most, these people are almost certainly deluding themselves, and will only learn the hard way in the long run.

Gifts of champagne and other romantic gestures are typical of those with Uranus in the Seventh House.

Gifts of champagne and other romantic gestures are typical of those with Uranus in the Seventh House.

Sexual expression is very important in the Eighth House, especially if the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, or Neptune is present.


SUN There is emotional intensity here, and sexuality needs to be an important outlet for self-expression. Here too is ambition; the individual will be very successful if emotionally involved with the chosen career. MOON here the Moon's emotional force will be intensified. there is often a sixth sense as the intuitive powers are also heightened, especially if the Moon is in a water sign. Jealousy can occur.

M ERCU RY this placing adds investigative powers to the mind; here are the sleuths and researchers of the zodiac. sometimes psychic powers are evident, as is a rich sexual and fantasy life, but there is a tendency towards brooding and moodiness.

VENUS this placing encourages a rewarding sex life, with increased emotions and intuition. here is a financial influence, making these individuals big spenders but with a gift for making money, often through shrewd investments. MARS Both emotional and physical energy are strong here. the sex drive needs above average fulfilment. Aggression is evident and should be burned up through martial arts or heavy team games. obsessive behaviour can be a problem. JUPITER these individuals have good business sense and the ability to make money through clever investments. there is a lively and exuberant expression of sexuality, and lovemaking will be considered fun and not taken too seriously. S AT U R N here is a placing that adds the powers of concentration and determination. there is a responsible attitude towards finances, and a career in banking is likely. possible sexual problems may need resolving. URANUS this is not a good placing financially, as the attitude can be uncaring. there is need for a lively sex life with partners who enjoy experimentation. If there are sexual problems they will be self-analysed, but often remain unresolved. NEPTUNE this is a meaningful placing for those with Neptune in scorpio. It will enhance their emotions, encouraging a rich and rewarding sex life. But it will also increase the temptation to escape problems through recreational drugs. PLUTO With the planet in its own house, pluto's influence is increased. there is often interest in metaphysical subjects and the occult. here too is a preoccupation with the afterlife. Financial acumen and business sense are common. CHIRON a preoccupation with sex and a craving for material progress and power often occurs here, sometimes with a tendency towards self-seeking. psychic ability is occasionally present; if so, careful training and guidance from experts is recommended.


SUN Here is a need for intellectual growth and mind expansion. The acceptance of challenge and a need to move on in all spheres of life is important. These individuals are optimistic, positive in outlook, and generally enthusiastic. MOON These individuals' minds seem to work intuitively here, and with forever broadening intellectual horizons. An understanding of different cultures is possible, and both intellectual and geographical journeys will be undertaken. MERCURY Here is an eternal student on a quest for knowledge. The mind will need constant challenges, and questions will be asked and the answers assiduously sought out. However, the powers of concentration are not particularly brilliant. VENUS This is where we find the lover of long-distance travel, with living and working abroad, or emigrating, being distinct possibilities. Love affairs often occur when travelling. There is motivation to study, undermined by laziness. MARS This placing leads to an energetic and adventurous spirit that will engage in extensive travel. There is intelligence, but hastiness in speech and a hurried approach to study does not bode well for examination results. JUPITER Jupiter will exert its best influence in this permutation. There is considerable intellectual potential, which will be expressed through the influence of the Jupiter sign. Communication skills are good and people with this configuration are often able to speak several languages. SATU RN Here we have the serious thinkers of the zodiac, who will concentrate on, and attempt to alleviate, important world issues and suffering. Travel is not usually enjoyed, since these individuals may have a fear of flying or be reluctant to journey far from home.

URANUS This placing adds brilliance to the mind. Original ideas will happily be passed on to others for development, while these individuals take upon themselves the challenge of further invention. NEPTUNE Dreams and wishes are ruled by the Ninth House, and when Neptune is there it will bring these fantasies to the conscious mind. This means that it will be all too easy to drift up to cloud nine at almost any eventuality. PLUTO Here is a mind that works compulsively, with a strong desire to study in-depth and to accept mental challenges. These are often more complicated than assumed at first, resulting in a considerable build-up of stress, frustration, and anger. CHIRON The Chiron influence will encourage these individuals to seek out new, fascinating, and daring challenges, which they will blithely work their way through to a satisfactory conclusion. Extreme opinions will need to be modified.

Interest in travel, different cultures, and foreign languages are common themes of the Ninth House.


Acting is a distinct in the Tenth House.

SUN These individuals will be ambitious and usually successful, with good powers of leadership. They will carry responsibility well, and often have a great sense of the dramatic. MOON The potential for fame is evident with this positioning. It is often the case that these individuals will be responsible for large groups of people. MERCURY Changes of direction in life will be enjoyed, with possibly a variety ofjobs or professions. As a result, ultimate real success may prove elusive. VENUS Here is good potential for developing rapport and empathy with colleagues; a sympathetic and understanding, but possibly indecisive, boss.

MARS Energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to work hard and aggressively are all present, as is a sense of urgency for progress. The armed forces could be a likely career path. JUPITER Success, with fortunate "lucky" breaks, will help these individuals progress in their profession. This placing is common among successful actors. SATU RN These individuals will eventually have to carry considerable responsibility, and will do so well and loyally. A tendency to distance themselves from their employees or families in pursuit of, and dedication to, their objectives often occurs. URANUS There is attraction to technology here, or to an unusual occupation. The airlines and space industries offer possible occupations, but sudden and unexpected changes of direction in career are also likely.

Acting is a distinct in the Tenth House.


career possibility if Jupiter is placed


career possibility if Jupiter is placed

N E PTU N E This is a placing indicative of a very varied career with quite decided changes - possibly within various art forms or different branches of science. PLUTO Emotional involvement with one's career is essential here. A power complex will exert itself -especially if Pluto is in Leo - perhaps fanatically, with the individual being obsessionally involved in his or her work or with a "message" that they wish to convey. CHIRON This placing encourages individuals to be constantly looking to the future, and to do things differently; originality needs to be expressed positively.

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