The Mercury Factor

Below and on the following pages, we have summarized the effect of Mercury for each Sun sign. In each case, the planet can occupy only one of three places: in the Sun sign itself, or in one of the signs on either side of it.

Mercury, the innermost planet, is a small, rocky world named after the fleet-footed Roman god.

sun sign: aries mercury in pisces

This placing sensitizes Aries' quick decisiveness and makes individuals far more thoughtful and less prone to selfishness. They often get quite confused over small matters and can, especially when concentrating on something really important to them, become amazingly forgetful. They have considerable intuition, which they should not dismiss - it is something worth cultivating.

mercury in aries The mind will work extremely quickly; there will be a sharp decisiveness which is usually accurate, but can lead to premature action if the

Planetary symbol for Mercury individual is being particularly assertive. The broad picture will be considered, but details can be overlooked. These people will not have time for trifles; hastiness may make them appear very off-hand at times.

Planetary symbol for Mercury mercury in taurus The mind will work slowly and steadily, with the individual being thoughtful and deliberate. The Aries temper will be slow to ignite, but is far more stormy, and will not subside particularly quickly. There is good concentration and memory, and generally the impetuosity of Aries will be stabilized by this Mercury influence.

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