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the early christians

Christianity and astrology have been odd bedfellows. Initially, there was little disharmony, but as time went on the divisions grew more polar. However, at times and in places when one might expect hostility to be at its most fervent, Christianity has shown little desire for acrimony and has instead displayed a decided curiosity about the subject.

Tertullian was a sceptic of astrology.

Tertullian was a sceptic of astrology.

Following the Stars

The early Christians did not shrink from the idea that a star (probably a triple conjunction ofJupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, in fact) guided the three wise men to the cradle of the new-born Jesus in Bethlehem. Indeed, it would almost certainly have seemed highly probable to early Christians that the birth of the son of God should be signalled in the heavens.

For the following three centuries, astrology and the new religion coexisted peacefully, though there were some critics. St Clement of Rome - a friend and confidant of St Peter and his

This 6th-century mosaic from Italy depicts the importance of the "star", which led the kings to the birthplace of Christ.

third successor as pope - reportedly asserted that the planets and stars had been fixed in heaven by God in order "that they might be for an indication of things past, present, and future." He referred to the 12 apostles as the 12 Months of Christ, who himself was the Year of Our Lord.

conflict arises

Clement admitted that "the stars" could have an evil effect, but asserted that man could resist this, for it was unthinkable that God should make man sin through an evil disposition of the planets and then punish ■ / . him for it. on the other hand, Tertullian, born in

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