The First Six Houses

First House

The House of Aries and Mars

This is the house of the Ascendant, or Rising sign, which, along with the Sun sign, is the most important area of the birth chart. It represents the lifestyle, health, wellbeing, and physical and psychological characteristics of the Ascendant. A planet in this house will modify these characteristics and often alter the appearance of the individual.

Third House

The House of Gemini and Mercury

This house represents our school days and general education, and our relationships with our brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Our mode of transport is highlighted. We consider the Third House when we want to buy or sell our bikes, motorcycles, cars, and so on. The house also rules short-distance travel and the media.

Second House

Fourth House

The House of Taurus and Venus

Here is the house of emotional and financial security through earnings. There is often a tendency to think of a partner as just a treasured possession, and it is well to be aware that there is a close relationship between money and love, especially when relationships break down.

The House of Cancer and the Moon

This house shows how we relate to our family and domestic life, and how we see our parents, especially our mother. It can also be accentuated when we wish to start or extend our family. It is to this house that we will look when wanting to make changes to our home - moving house, buying and selling, redecorating, or building extensions.

Fifth House

The House of Leo and the Sun

This is the house of creativity, which can be expressed in all kinds of ways, and how we relate to children. It is the house of the father and how we see him. Love affairs begin here, and our optimism and exuberance for life is shown, plus our predilection for risk-taking.

This star chart highlights the 12 houses, which are represented with their ruling planets placed within them.

Sixth House

The House of Virgo and Mercury

Here is our attitude toward health and the way we look after ourselves -or not - through diet and exercise. This is the house of the daily round of work, routine, and discipline in our lives. It will also suggest the kind of hobbies and spare time interests we might feel inclined to pursue.

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