The chiron factor

Chiron was discovered on 1 November 1977 by Charles Kowal, an astronomer at Palomar Observatory in California. Initially labelled an asteroid, it is now classified as a half-comet, with an orbit between that of Saturn and

Uranus. It rotates on its axis in just under six hours and orbits the Sun in 50.7 Earth years. Because of eccentricities in the orbit, Chiron spends varying lengths of time travelling through each sign.

A sign rulership has not been finalized for Chiron, and keywords are still debatable, although most astrologers favour "self-healing". When a new planet is discovered, astrologers discuss and research for a very long time before coming to definite conclusions as to its influences. Some totally favour a symbolic approach, while others consider the conditions and events of the period when it was discovered. Here we are compromising, but in our personal research we have discovered that Chiron tends to "highlight" and "invigorate" the characteristics of the sign in which it falls.

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