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Venus and Mars

CONJUNCTION Enhanced sexual appeal and sheer enjoyment of sex. The coarsening influence of Mars is countered by Venusian charm and romance. The sign and house placing are important. POSITIVE ASPECT Similar to the conjunction, but pay special attention to the two signs' elements, as this will colour the sex life: air = additional flirtation and friendship; water and fire = passion and emotion; while earth = bawdiness. NEGATIVE ASPECT These enliven the love and sex life, adding increased desire. However, these individuals have a tendency to rush into relationships, which can result in disappointment or embarrassment when sudden rejection occurs.

Venus and Jupiter

Eroticism and sexual enjoyment are enhanced in the conjunction of Venus, goddess of love, and the warrior, Mars.

Venus and Saturn

Eroticism and sexual enjoyment are enhanced in the conjunction of Venus, goddess of love, and the warrior, Mars.

CONJuNCTION This placing will weaken the expression and joy of love and sex. Shyness will often prevent a relaxed and free response towards sex, which is seriously inhibited by this aspect. Very often there is a sense of disappointment and sadness because of relationship problems. POSITIVE ASPECT Once emotional security is established, these individuals will prove to be very faithful. Financial hardship is often present, but will be bravely encountered. N E G ATI VE AS PECT Similar to the conjunction, but if there is determination, the inhibition and negative indications will be overcome in time. However, possible setbacks and delays to the formation of a permanent relationship are likely.

CONJuNCTION This configuration bestows charm, warmth, and generosity. It also makes these individuals very affectionate and friendly. It will add a philosophical outlook, and tradition decrees that this is the most beneficial and fortunate of all the aspects.

POSITIVE ASPECT Almost as beneficial as the conjunction, contributing the aforementioned qualities. However, one needs to be cautious about being overgenerous - a tendency that is occasionally present. N E G AT I V E A S P E C T These individuals will succumb to dramatic scenes when under stress. Charm can be used to take advantage of others, and a tendency towards over-indulgence is possible, which may lead to weight gain.

Venus and Uranus

CONJUNCTION Here is a magnetic power of attraction and a tendency to distance the self from a meaningful commitment. These individuals possess an independent spirit. Excitability and emotional tension will be shown, not only in love and sex life, but also creatively or through an unusual interest.

POSITIVE ASPECT Much the same as the conjunction, with added eccentricity, a desire to shock, and perversity. Sometimes an outrageous image. NEGATIVE ASPECT Serious stress and nervous tension is usually taken out on the partners, and in relationships generally, making these individuals quite difficult to live with at times.

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