The Aspects Of The Moon

Moon and Mercury

CONJUNCTION An intuitive, logical, and quick-thinking mind, with immediate insight into problems - plus a good memory. Frequent changes to the home are often made. POSITIVE ASPECT The shrewdness of the Moon and the cunningness of Mercury combine, and are well expressed. A clever craftiness and the ability to resolve tricky situations is also present in these individuals. Depending on the Moon sign, here is common sense and decisiveness. NEGATIVE ASPECT The response to any situation will be extremely sharp, with a tendency to nag and, in particular, to propagate and enjoy gossip. These individuals possess considerable critical acumen.

A tendency to indulge in gossip is a trait of the negative aspect of the Moon and Mercury.

Moon and Venus

CONJUNCTION This placing makes the individual sympathetic, kind, caring, and popular. It will increase an instinctive knowledge of the partner's needs. POSITIVE ASPECT Very similar to the conjunction, with additional sensitivity. Sometimes a tendency to be too laid-back and to use charm to take advantage of others. NEGATIVE ASPECT Disappointments in love life can be above average because individuals expect too much from their partners. They have a great deal of love to give but can over-burden their partners with it, or with shyness and inhibition.

Moon and Mars

CONJUNCTION This will increase the "emotional level greatly. The response to situations will be immediate. Will take risks if there is danger. POSITIVE ASPECT Emotional and physical energy works well and needs regular outlet through sports or exercise. Good health and robustness is present. Emotional involvement in the career is necessary. There is willingness to be helpful. NEGATIVE ASPECT There is a strong tendency to be short-tempered and volatile, and to take premature action. sometimes this can lead to emotional tension and periods of stress.

Moon and Jupiter

CONJUNCTION There is kindness, gentleness, and tolerance towards other people. This encourages generosity with time and money. sometimes there is a degree of pomposity. POSITIVE ASPECT A heightened imagination is often present, as is generosity, kindness, sympathy, and understanding; identification with people from other cultures. Living abroad is beneficial and much enjoyed. NEGATIVE ASPECT Here is a tendency to overdramatize situations - and overreact to them. Awareness of these traits is necessary. A liking for rich food often leads to weight gain and bouts of liverishness.

Moon and Saturn

CONJUNCTION There is a serious, sometimes gloomy outlook on life; are hard workers who have

Melodrama is a negative aspect of the Moon with Jupiter.

common sense and are practical. They may find it difficult to fully express their feelings. POSITIVE ASPECT Here is common sense, determination, reliability, and thoroughness, with a conventional outlook on life. Success will come with discipline; patience is also present. NEGATIVE ASPECT The outlook can become depressive and negative -often due to low self-confidence. The constitution is vulnerable; additional vitamins and "flu jabs" are advisable before winter sets in.

Moon and Uranus

CONJUNCTION Here is powerful emotional tension which needs positive outlets. There is originality, brilliance, and imaginative thought, along with a magnetic and dynamic personality, but the responses are cool and distant. POSITIVE ASPECT Emotional forces are usually expressed positively through scientific or creative interests. Perversity is often present, especially in children. NEGATIVE ASPECT Considerable emotional tension, which will easily build up. Sporting activity is strongly advised in order to counter stress. Self-will is common, and there is plenty of brilliance and originality.

Moon and Neptune

CONJUNCTION There is increased imagination and sensitivity, and abundant emotion, kindness, generosity, and a caring instinct for others along with a sense of vocation. These individuals will often make sacrifices for others. POSITIVE ASPECT The qualities of the conjunction are present, but these must be restrained if vagueness and confusion are not to set in. Psychic gifts are present, especially if Neptune is in Scorpio.

NEGATIVE ASPECT Taking the easy way out of difficult situations is usual - with a tendency to lie, motivated by a need not

Consumption of alcohol needs to be kept in check for individuals who have the negative aspect of the Moon and Neptune.

to hurt others.

Escapism through recreational drugs and drinking needs conscious

Consumption of alcohol needs to be kept in check for individuals who have the negative aspect of the Moon and Neptune.


Moon and Pluto

CONJUNCTION Emotions are heightened and expressed with passion and force. This powerful source of energy tends to be released in sudden outbursts; serenity should be aimed for. POSITIVE ASPECT Emotional scenes and outbursts for good reasons are effective. There is a desire to get rid of clutter -both environmentally and to dispose of psychological hang-ups. NEGATIVE ASPECT The expression of emotion and feeling is often blocked, and these individuals find it difficult to talk about problems, therefore psychological troubles will be bottled up for long periods.

Moon and Chiron

CONJUNCTION This position heightens sensitivity, and there is vulnerability to powerful emotional outpouring. This needs to be treated with tact and sympathy by the partner. POSITIVE ASPECT Here there is humanitarianism - the emotions will emerge as identification with suffering, and help will be given, either financially or practically. Quite often, there is imaginative creativity. NEGATIVE ASPECT The emotions need expression, but controlling them will be difficult. Suppressing them completely causes other problems, and can result in unhappiness, especially when these individuals are young.

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