The Aspects Of Saturn

Saturn and Uranus

CONJUNCTION This configuration is a powerful energy source, which gives potential for determination and hard work, combined with originality. It was operative between December 1986 and December 1989. POSITIVE ASPECT A blend of conventional behaviour and unconventional traits. If these individuals know how and when to make the most of these contrasts, they will do very well. NEGATIVE ASPECT The two planets are at loggerheads, therefore these individuals will be stubborn and occasionally bloody-minded. Sometimes, there is tension and stress which can be eased if patience can be developed.

Saturn and Neptune

CONJUNCTION Many astrologers mistrust the influence of these aspects. Nevertheless, we have always found them to be a controlling, cautious channel for creative and imaginative work, with Neptune softening the harsher side of saturn. POSITIVE ASPECT Similar to the qualities of the conjuction, but with added high ideals, sympathy, patience, and understanding. NEGATIVE ASPECT This will weaken the personality, and often creativity is thwarted by unsupportive authority figures. A tendency to undermine achievement can also be present.

Saturn and Pluto

These occurred during the late 1940s in Leo, and again in the early 1980s in Libra. If near the Ascendant, this aspect has a frustrating influence which often causes serious psychological or physical problems that are difficult to resolve.

POSITIVE ASPECT Increased determination and a driving energy force can be present in these individuals. There is also the ability to come to terms with psychological problems or phobias. NEGATIVE ASPECT Obsessive behavioural problems may occur at times. There is a tendency to say "I can't be bothered", when lack of self-confidence is the real reason.

Saturn and Chiron

CONJUNCTION This configuration is extremely rare. It was operative during 1966. The strong influences of Saturn are lightened by the liveliness of Chiron, which adds an optimistic and positive outlook, especially to those who also have the Uranus-Pluto conjunction (see p280). POSITIVE ASPECT This contributes considerable charisma, with these individuals always wanting to have their own way - generally they succeed in getting it too. NEGATIVE ASPECT Here is a fighting spirit which will be dedicated to humanitarian causes.

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