The Aspects Of Neptune

Neptune and Pluto

CONJUNCTION In the 1880s and 1890s Neptune and pluto were in the same sign, Gemini (see box, right). SEXTILE This configuration is only really significant if pisces (Neptune) and/or scorpio (pluto) are the sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign. In such cases, Neptune will soften and sensitize the intensive effects of pluto, and together they will increase the emotional level.

Neptune and Chiron

CONJUNCTION these individuals are highly idealistic and will follow a path of spiritual development; sometimes there is confusion as to whether or not they are actually on the path that is right for them. POSITIVE ASPECT Here is appreciation of everything that is beautiful and mystical. A tendency to drift off into a dreamlike world can make these individuals lose touch with reality. NEGATIVE ASPECT awareness must be developed of an above average negative reaction to all kinds of drugs, otherwise escapism through recreational drugs or drink will take hold when these individuals are under stress.


CONJUNCTION The sign this conjunction falls in will be considerably energized by this configuration, and will bring some of its characteristics to prominence in these individuals. POSITIVE ASPECT A tendency to hold extreme opinions needs to be consciously controlled, otherwise unwise actions can be taken, which may ultimately prove detrimental to these individuals.

There may be no one alive now with this configuration, but our research shows that when these planets were accompanied by a Gemini or Sagittarian Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, they gave a surprising spirit of adventure and bravery to these people. Many took off for unknown shores - to Australia and to the U.S.A. - in the knowledge that they would never see home again. Since those times, Neptune has overtaken Pluto in its journey round the Sun, and by the time Neptune entered Virgo in 1928 and Pluto was well into Cancer, they have been keeping a pretty much regular distance apart, which very often creates a sextile aspect - 60° and two signs apart. At the time of writing, Neptune is in Aquarius and will enter Pisces in 2011, while Pluto enters Capricorn in 2008. Therefore, these planets will play cat and mouse for many years to come.

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