The Aspects Of Mercury

Mercury and Venus

The only aspects Mercury and Venus can form are the conjunction, sextile, semi-sextile, and semi-square. The latter two are minor aspects, and will appear only in a more detailed chart. CONJUNCTION Here is the capacity for mutual understanding between friends and partners. There is often creative ability and a clever use of the hands through craftwork and design. SEXTILE An influence similar to that of the conjunction. Here, there is friendliness and creative potential. If Mercury is placed in an earth sign, a love of natural materials will follow and inspire. The expression of love and feeling is attractive.

Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Jupiter

CONJUNCTION Excellent intellectual potential, which is often expressed through literary ability, a flair for languages, or a mathematical talent. The mind will work well once objectives are decided upon, and a love of challenge and travel is likely. POSITIVE ASPECT The intellectual potential is very strong and these individuals are optimistic, good-natured, and philosophical. The necessary acceptance of intellectual challenge is exciting. NEGATIVE ASPECT This is not particularly strenuous. A tendency towards over-optimism, along with exaggeration - but also sceptism -occurs. Ignoring the small print on documents causes problems.

CONJUNCTION Quick thinking and decisiveness is adequately present in these individuals, with a need for immediate action to keep well ahead of rivals. Assertiveness and competitiveness are often expressed through sports. Provocative opinions are readily expressed. There is often an aptitude for, and enjoyment of, satire. POSITIVE ASPECT Much like the qualities of the conjunction, with a strengthened nervous system and the ability to cope with stressful working conditions. Will need and thrive in a demanding career. NEGATIVE ASPECT There is a risk of tension and stress. Overwork may possibly lead to a nervous breakdown. These individuals tend to make snap decisions and take premature action.

Quick-witted satire is a typical trait when we have the conjunction of Mercury and Mars.

Mercury and Saturn

CONJUNCTION Practical thinking and common sense is usual, and a cautious outlook towards life. There is the ability to make and carry out long term plans to achieve ambitions and objectives. POSITIVE ASPECT This is a useful anchorage, adding much needed practicality to basically extrovert and impulsive individuals. The mind works methodically and cautiously, but lacks natural enthusiasm. NEGATIVE ASPECT Obsessional tendencies can be present, with a passion for neatness and order. These individuals are very hard on themselves and will adhere to a strict self-inflicted discipline. Depression is likely to occur.

The sleuthing capabilities of Sherlock Holmes are within the grasp of those who have the Mercury and Pluto conjunction.

The sleuthing capabilities of Sherlock Holmes are within the grasp of those who have the Mercury and Pluto conjunction.

Mercury and Uranus

CONJUNCTION This dynamic influence contributes originality and brilliance. While there is often an independent spirit, stubbornness, perversity, and willfulness are likely. POSITIVE ASPECT Here is a natural talent that is often expressed through an interest in unusual subjects. There will be self-will and sometimes a sense of the dramatic. An independent streak is usually present. NEGATIVE ASPECT There is the same bright mind as in conjunction, but a considerable vulnerability to nervous stress and tension, which will occur frequently. There can be tactlessness too, and these individuals tend to speak out of turn.

Mercury and Neptune

CONJUNCTION The mental attributes of Mercury are combined with the imagination of Neptune. Creative potential can be expressed in different ways - through writing, the fine arts, acting, dancing, skating, or talent for astrology and related disciplines.

POSITIVE ASPECT Much as the conjunction; equally inspirational but possibly slightly less potent, with an inventive imagination and perhaps scientific flair.

NEGATIVE ASPECT The mind will be bright and original, but there will sometimes be nervous strain and tension. These individuals may think they have special "gifts", and could need therapy.

Mercury and Pluto

CONJUNCTION An ability to think deeply and intuitively is present, and so is the capability to resolve personal problems through self-analysis. These individuals possess a sleuth-like mind and possibly a flair for business. POSITIVE ASPECT Here is the ability to cope with details - none of which will be ignored. This is a useful aspect, provided the individual does not allow obsessional tendencies to take hold. NEGATIVE ASPECT Possible inability to talk problems through with intimate friends. This could bring about frustration and stress, and have a negative effect on health, sometimes causing bowel problems.

Mercury and Chiron

CONJUNCTION These individuals have quick and lively minds, with abundant, positively expressed nervous energy. Decisiveness and out of the ordinary reasoning powers are present, but so is inconsistency of thought and opinion. POSITIVE ASPECT A brilliant and extremely agile mind, with flashes of inspiration and good original ideas. Sometimes duplicity occurs, but so does the ability to wriggle out of it if the deceit is exposed. NEGATIVE ASPECT Good intellectual potential which will aid achievement, but there is often a conflict between conventional and unconventional outlooks on life, and in the formation and expression of opinions.

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