The Aspects Of Jupiter

Jupiter and Saturn

CONJUNCTION Here is optimism and caution; a balanced outlook, with enthusiasm but restraint. However, sometimes one planet's influence is stronger than the other, with a negative, restraining effect if saturn dominates over Jupiter and a more positive, outgoing outlook ifJupiter is the stronger of the two.

POSITIVE ASPECT These aspects are similar to the conjunction at its best. Here, there is breadth of vision combined with caution, and only well-calculated risks will be taken. NEGATIVE ASPECT These individuals are often pulled in two different directions, so uncertainty is usually present, which often leads to inner discontent. Assess which is the stronger of the two planets.

Jupiter and Uranus

CONJUNCTION These individuals are fortunate to have this powerful configuration. There is a positive outlook on life, an original mind, and the ability to be extremely forward-looking. The 1983 conjunction in sagittarius was particularly exciting. POSITIVE ASPECT There is much good humour, kindness, generosity, and determination. A harmless element of eccentricity can emerge. NEGATIVE ASPECT Eccentricity can become annoying to others, making these people difficult to get on with, and discontent may be present. The need for independence is strong, so delaying a commitment to a permanent relationship can sometimes occur.

Jupiter and Neptune

CONJUNCTION some kind of spirituality is usually present. It often takes the form of a new Age discipline. There is a rich fantasy life, and dreaminess, which if controlled can be expressed positively through imaginative and creative work.

POSITIVE ASPECT Very similar to the conjunction, but with added sympathy, delicacy, and sensitivity, especially if these qualities show in other areas of the chart. NEGATIVE ASPECT Much the same as above, but a huge tendency to forgetfulness can often cause considerable problems for these individuals.

Jupiter and Pluto

A degree of dreaminess is often present with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

CONJUNCTION There is a desire for power, either in big business or perhaps politics. If in education, here is the autocratic head teacher or professor. A near-obsessive need to achieve objectives

A playful eccentricity is typical of Jupiter and Chiron in negative aspect.

A degree of dreaminess is often present with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

will often lead to stunning success. ruthlessness may also be present in these individuals. POSITIVE ASPECT here is inner strength and determination with a positive and optimistic outlook. Inspiration to make the world a better place leads to philanthropic action. NEGATIVE ASPECT There is dynamism, but obsessional insistence on achieving what can be fanatical objectives. Care needed in the expression of these traits.

Jupiter and Chiron

CONJUNCTION here are individualists who will want to go their own way, enthusiastically doing their own thing. It is often the case that they find spirituality and inner content in the enlightenment of other cultures.

POSITIVE ASPECT A steady development of potential, and enthusiasm to get on with life. sporting or literary talent likely. NEGATIVE ASPECT social justice is important to these individuals. There is strength of will and good intellectual potential, which will be used assertively. sometimes they become zany, eccentric professors.

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