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Symbol The Bull Sun Sign Dates 21 April-21 May Ruling Planet Venus Element or Triplicity Earth Quality or Quadruplicity Fixed Positive/Negative Negative Body Area Neck and Throat Polar Sign Scorpio

Taureans absolutely love possessions. Their natural sense of beauty and identification with beautiful things enhance this love, but take this a stage further and we find the worst Taurus fault, possessiveness, which can cause a great deal of difficulty in relationships and among families.

The sign has the reputation of being the most good-looking of all 12, but Taureans really do need to watch their weight, as chubbiness can easily lead to obesity, especially with their love of chocolate and luscious desserts. Their body area is the neck, and sore throats are often a curse, especially to those

who love to sing - and many do sing and perform extremely well.

Like the Bull of their sign, Taureans are calm and placid - until someone or something angers them; then they really let fly, and anyone in the vicinity should watch out!

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