Taurus in love

In many ways, Taureans are at an advantage when it comes to love. First and foremost, they have a great deal of irresistible natural charm, added to which Taurus is generally considered to produce the most handsome and beautiful people. Such traits are not handicaps, of course, when it comes to attracting lovers. Interestingly -as the decades mount up and provided they have avoided gaining weight -

a Taurean's sex appeal and charm will last effectively well into old age. Taureans are truly romantic, and will be more than generous when it comes to special dates. They are wonderful lovers, considerate, and sensual in bed, and one may be sure that the setting will be as luxurious as anyone could wish for - not for Taurus the quick fumble in the back seat of the car!

Taurean Possessiveness

Once the relationship has been established, one can encounter problems with Taurean possessiveness. so, in spite of good living and great sex, care is needed to ensure that the atmosphere does not become claustrophobic. It is important to get the relationship on the right level for both partners, with Taurus's lover explaining the problem quite clearly, so that they can come to terms with the difficulty swiftly - the difficulty often being that Taurus's lover may not want to be exclusively his or hers, 24-hours-a-day. Finding a suitable way round this is essential.

Possessiveness will particularly stem from the fact that Taurus is almost always ready for something really permanent, such as an engagement or even marriage. Partners have to decide whether this is right for them, and whether they are as ready as the Taurus man or woman to settle down. They must also understand that the

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