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Introducing Taurean children to nursery school may not be a very easy process. it will be most advisable for parents to take the child to visit the school together on a few occasions in order to get the young Taurean thoroughly used to the atmosphere. Any sudden change of location and environment will cause feelings of insecurity, and will probably lead to tantrums and a build up of stress for all concerned. Taking familiar toys to school will help, but the process in most cases is likely to be tricky until the child is thoroughly used to the place and the people in charge.

A Need for Structure it is important for parents to remember when deciding about the kind of education they want for their Taurean child that, while they themselves may well be attracted to schools where freedom of expression is allowed and

The calendar page for April from the Bedford Hours illuminated manuscript, c1423. Taurus is shown on the right.

where children are given challenging situations to develop independence, this may not suit the child. The

Taurean child may do better with a rather more structured existence, where the school rules form safe boundaries, and they know what has to be done and when. Remember that Taurus needs and thrives on a certain amount of discipline, which in most cases will be understood and accepted. in this kind of atmosphere their child will thrive, given the sense of security which all Taureans need. Parents, then, should think carefully about settling their young Taureans into a school with a conventional, disciplined approach to education.

The Taurean child's potential is considerable, but throughout school, and indeed university years too, parents must remember that sudden progress is less likely than with many children. it is important to give lots of praise when


Taurean parents will do as much as possible to bring out the best in their children, and no money will be spared to that end. They need to be aware that they may be a bit too keen on discipline, and fail to allow the child's own individual interests to develop as well as they might. There is also a temptation that they may be rather too eager for the little ones to do well in subjects in which the parent had no opportunity to become involved: the "show business mother"" springs to mind. This can cause the child to rebel, simply out of irritation with what he or she is being pushed into.

the child moves up two or three places in class at the end of term. Taurus is a plodder, but remember that, while unglamorous, plodding is the best way to succeed in exams and career. Things learned will stay learned - for life.

As for further education, as ever the scope is wide and the final choice, of course, up to the individual. If there is serious artistic talent, however, the Taurean might consider specializing in pottery, sculpture, architecture, or furniture design. If there is an attraction to a musical instrument, or if the young voice is particularly sweet or strong, such indications may well be the start of something worth nurturing. A music college will, in such a circumstance, be something to consider. Agricultural college or business studies are other possibilities. The eventual chosen course will become increasingly engrossing, and young Taureans will stick to it -giving up a subject halfway through a course is less likely with this sign than with many others.

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