Taurus can attach too much importance to making money

An Ideal Home

Home ownership is of prime importance too, but some care is needed here that the temptation to own "the ideal home" does not result in Taureans taking on a much bigger mortgage than is wise. In theory, they will be aware of the danger signals, but the appearance -and more importantly the size - of the chosen house or apartment might turn out to be just too irresistible for them to turn down.

It can happen that Taurus attaches too much importance to making money - in spite of much-needed peace of mind and security. To get a different slant on this, if they realize they can get a great deal of aesthetic satisfaction from beautiful things, they might like to start a collection of, say, small pieces of porcelain, antique wine glasses, maybe copper items, or medals. That way, the Taurean will be simultaneously making an investment that will increase over time, and so contribute to their financial security.

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