Taurus as moon sign

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There is an ancient tradition that says that the Moon in this sign is "exalted" and therefore rather special. It is always a very powerful element of the birth chart, but here it has a subtle added strength. It will bring with it the characteristics of Taurus, but, as must always be remembered, these will be expressed in the way in which the subjects respond to situations. For instance, if we consider possessiveness as an important part of the Taurean personality, those with a Taurus Moon will respond to certain situations in a possessive way. Later on, they may well dislike themselves for doing so, when their own Sun sign, Rising sign, and planetary influences take over and express counter characteristics.

Here, again, a secure background in life is definitely needed, and the individual will respond very defensively if this is threatened. Stubbornness and the tendency to be very conservative in one's opinions is encountered, but flexibility will occur on second thoughts if other

The Taurus Bull is shown with a rider in this Turkish illuminatec manuscript of 1550.

areas of the birth chart show, for instance, a more open mind. If in the full chart there are several other planets in the other "fixed" signs (Leo and Scorpio), the Taurean trait of stubbornness can, on occasion, become bloody-mindedness.

A Safer Option

The Moon in Taurus tends to encourage a conventional outlook. Anything new and untried may have an element of risk associated with it - and these individuals are all for self-preservation, not risk-taking; clinging to the known and well-tried is much safer. Despite other planetary and sign influences, the Taurus Moon will endow patience and a sense of discipline. If individuals are allowed to work at their own rate, which will be modified by the influence of the Ascendant and Sun signs, the end result will be excellent and supported by a real sense of dedication.

The individual will encounter similar health problems as when Taurus is in the Ascendant. Sore throats and the like can be provoked by environmental problems or allergies. It is advisable to control the consumption of chocolate and rich food to avoid weight gain.

Rich foods can be the bane of a Taurean's life.

Rich foods can be the bane of a Taurean's life.

The best bars and restaurants in town will tend to be the haunt of the Taurean.

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