Taurus as ascendant

Reliability and common sense are as strong with Taurus ascending as when it is the Sun sign, but here the need for security is even more powerful. As the individual progresses in life, he or she becomes more and more attracted to possessions. Those with a Taurus Ascendant will make a special effort to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, seeing a house as the ultimate in physical and material security. Because of a love of creature comforts, Taureans will surround themselves with comfortable, heavy furniture on which to relax after a hard day's work. Their home displays obvious evidence of ever-increasing success, and with it greater security. On occasions when it is necessary to step outside their own domain, the Taurean sense of insecurity can become a problem.

The emotional level is higher than when Taurus is the Sun sign, and the temper can become more explosive, slower to subside and less easily subdued. An element of resentfulness can arise, and a kind of smouldering intensity akin to jealousy, especially if a partner is involved.

The vulnerability of the throat is considerably increased when Taurus is rising. Persistent problems may be related to the thyroid gland, which if it is malfunctioning has a direct weight-lifting and boxing often appeal"

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