Taurus and careers

Taureans are ambitious and will almost always work out a long-term plan for their lives. There can be problems when elements of risk-taking are built into a job, and these will be faced with considerable apprehension; Taureans function best when the work is steady and as constant as possible.

Though money-making is of great importance to this zodiac group, Taureans should think very carefully before taking a new position which is less secure than their present one, even if it pays more. The decision will not be an easy one and should be arrived at through careful consideration. There may be times when it will suit a Taurean to plod on in work that they do not really enjoy, accepting the dreary routine of commuting for the sake of security. For many, such a regime could well be detrimental to themselves and their families, but for other

Taureans the monotony can be countered if they have an engrossing spare-time interest. This is especially the case if it takes them into the fresh air - a thriving garden, for instance, will be an ideal escape.

Taureans are extremely good at building their own businesses. They must remember to consider the risk level very carefully from the beginning, but they will work out a detailed

Gardening is a popular pastime for Taureans, because they have a methodical approach and a keen eye for aesthetics.

business plan, and when the project is under way they will get extraordinary pleasure in seeing it grow slowly and steadily. If marketing or selling is involved, they may need a more extrovert partner - a lively Geminian, perhaps - to see to that side of things.

There are Taureans, of course, in all professions, but some areas of work are particularly well suited. Because Venus is their ruling planet (seep211), there is an emphasis on the beauty business, and we find that these zodiac types make wonderful beauticians and will

The Taurean child will happily put the odd pound or dollar into a prized piggy bank, and may be reluctant to spend any of it, going on to badger parents for more cash when some much-desired toy just has to be theirs.

Taureans know exactly where they are going as far as cash is concerned: they get enormous pleasure and contentment from seeing their bank balances and portfolio of shares -however small - gradually thriving and expanding. Starting off with a good high-interest bank account it

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