Taureans Are Stubborn

Once the Taurean mind is made up - that is it. This is a fixed sign, and a basic interpretation is that Taureans are people who are fixed in their opinions. Added to this, the sign has a reputation for considerable stubbornness. The influence of the earth element gives Taureans their practical ability and common sense outlook - they are in many ways very down to earth. Interestingly, too, many are dedicated and very talented gardeners. All this is excellent, of course, but it is all too easy for Taureans - especially those who are settled and contented with things as they are -to become very set in their ways and too resistant to change and new experiences.

need for security - a basic instinct in Taureans - develops fast. In spite of their usual ability to take their time over important decisions, Taureans can, on these occasions, jump the gun minds. The women in particular will -even more than most - look forward to their weddings and plan things down to the very last detail. While the sign is one that is financially shrewd, no

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