Sun sign virgo

venus in cancer

This placing increases Virgoan emotions and makes for rewarding love and sex. Here is a joint tendency to worry from the two signs most prone to it. When Venus gets out of hand, Virgoan logic and common sense will be expressed -which is not easy, as a lot of concern will be focussed on the partner. Money is handled practically and carefully.

venus in leo

Venusian fire will add enthusiasm for love and sex, and sexual fulfillment should not be a problem; neither should Virgoan modesty, which Venus will mitigate. The Virgoan critical attitude will be expressed in a domineering way, and awareness of this is necessary. Friendship within the relationship is important. Guilty feelings will occur when this group is extravagant.

Having good business sense is a noticeable trait in Virgos with Venus in Virgo.

Having good business sense is a noticeable trait in Virgos with Venus in Virgo.

venus in virgo

The need to relax in relationships is necessary if shyness is not to inhibit a rewarding sex life. A lack of self-confidence and thoughts of inadequacy, or feelings that sex is "dirty" can be the cause. Awareness that natural modesty and charm is present and attractive to the opposite sex will be a great help. Here is a good business sense.

venus in libra

Venus from its own sign is particularly powerful, and creates a strong desire for a rewarding relationship. But Virgo shyness and inhibition will inhibit desire. These individuals must stop thinking that they have nothing to offer to partners when, in fact, they have a great deal. Here is an excellent blend of common sense and the enjoyment of hard-earned cash.

venus in scorpio

This is a very meaty placing for Venus, which will considerably increase emotion and sexual desire. The sex drive is powerful, but seriously conflicts with Virgo inhibition. These individuals are extremely sexually attractive, but may not want to appear so. Relaxation in sexual enjoyment is essential, then huge pleasure and fulfillment results. There is a considerable ability to make money.

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