Sun sign taurus

Taurean passion and sensuousness is noticeable with Venus in Pisces, Aries, and Cancer.

venus in pisces

Here we have the pure romantic -the nostalgic and sensual lover. The emotional content of relationships will be very high, and usually beautifully expressed both in and out of bed. Taurean possessiveness will be expressed with loving care, but will nevertheless make some partners feel claustrophobic. Money will be generously given to charity - and spent on good living.

venus in aries

While passionate, these individuals will pace themselves - Taurus does not like to be rushed. However, once aroused, there will be a great deal of enjoyment and sexual fulfillment for both partners. Taurean possessiveness will not be pronounced, as Venus adds an element of independence to the attitude towards relationships. Taurean business acumen combines with Aries enterprise to offer excellent potential for financial success.

venus in taurus

All Taurean characteristics will be enhanced. While there is sincere love, affection, and sexual passion, possessiveness will also emerge, and the partners' reaction to it will vary according to their particular birth charts. Thinking of the partner as a possession ("she's mine") must be countered. There is brilliant business sense and a strong desire to make and spend a lot of money.

venus in gemini

A need for friendship within a love relationship will encourage a light-hearted atmosphere, while Taurean possessiveness will be weakened by Geminian logic. Some conflict can occur when the Taurean Sun-sign qualities are ready for a permanent relationship while the Geminian Venus wants to continue to play the field. Expenditure will be considerable - justified by regarding purchases as "good investments".

venus in cancer

The psychological need for family life and a permanent relationship will be a powerful force. Here are wonderfully sensual lovers, but those who, while creating a beautiful home, will be extremely possessive both towards partners and children. They are brilliant business people, who can make a fortune yet are not particularly generous. There is a tendency to be over nostalgic for the past.

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