Sun sign scorpio

mercury in libra

The natural sex appeal of Scorpio will be enhanced by the equally natural, pretty Mercury-in-Libra speeches which will enhance the Scorpio approach to prospective partners. This placing will soften some of the harsher expressions of Scorpio characteristics and adds sympathy, understanding, and empathy. Here too, are good listeners.

mercury in scorpio

Intensity, determination, and a sense of purpose will be heightened by a mind that will retain everything and forget nothing; but in extreme cases a destructive urge can emerge.

If this enormous cavern of thought and intuition is expressed positively here we should see a sleuth-like mind capable of solving the most enigmatic problems.

Being a good listener is typical of Scorpios with Mercury in Libra.

Being a good listener is typical of Scorpios with Mercury in Libra.

mercury in sagittarius

The optimism, breadth of vision, and all-round positive outlook of Mercury from Sagittarius makes for a fascinating counterbalance to the depth and intensity of Scorpio.

sun sign: sagittarius mercury in scorpio

This placing counters the somewhat carefree attitude of breezy Sagittarian Sun-sign types, giving them great intensity and depth of thought which will often contribute considerable success for them. Here, the individual will take time to think through plans and projects and feelings regarding other people. The ability to cope with detail, often seriously missing with this zodiac type, will be well countered.

mercury in sagittarius

Sagittarian intellectualism is further enhanced when Mercury joins the Sun in this sign. There is a wide breadth of vision but very little ability to see fine detail, which is often overlooked.

mercury in sagittarius Mercury will lighten the serious side of the Capricorn personality and will enhance the "giddy goat" (see p167) in all of them. There will be increased optimism and the ability to grasp concepts quickly, a fair measure of versatility, and less single-mindedness. The thought processes will be quicker than when Mercury is in other signs.

These contrasting qualities will give the best of two very different worlds, and because Scorpio has such inner strength and Sagittarius gives excellent intellectual capacity and potential there should be no conflict.

The Sagittarian broad and rather jokey sense of humour will be present, as will terrific optimism, enthusiasm, and a near fear of claustrophobic psychological or physical living conditions.

mercury in capricorn

The influence of Mercury in this placing will tend slightly to sober up the exuberance of Sagittarius. There will be increased thoughtfulness and better powers of concentration with less blind optimism, and an element of caution. Interestingly, the wonderful Capricorn offbeat sense of humour will make its mark and chime in quite interestingly with Sagittarian wit. A love of literature is usual.

mercury in capricorn

The Capricorn dry sense of humour can get no better expression than when the two planets share this sign. But here is determination and ambition at its peak. These individuals can achieve a very great deal if they will free themselves of unnecessary worry.

mercury in aquarius

An element of stubbornness and mild eccentricity will be expressed from time to time, and these individuals will have a less conventional outlook on life. But, at times, there will be conflict between deciding to take a conservative or radical line of action. Bright and original ideas should not be ignored.

Active Listening

Active Listening

We can all recall situations where we have utterly failed to listen to what someone else is saying. For various reasons, we are simply not taking in anything useful. How many times have you been introduced to a person by name only to not know what their name is thirty seconds later?

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