Sun sign pisces

venus in capricorn

This group of individuals will have a down-to-earth attitude towards their love and sex life. They are sincere, constant, and very loyal. This is a rather cool placing for Venus, but with the very sensitive and emotional content of a Pisces Sun sign it is an excellent stabilizer, and so there will be far less heartache than is often the case. Here is an intuitive and clever business sense.

venus in aquarius

The need to feel free and independent of lovers, but an equally powerful need for meaningful relationships is a problem that often has to be resolved by those of this group. Creating a balance - a certain amount of freedom - expressed perhaps through some absorbing interest will help, provided there is always warm love and sex to come home to. Will spend too freely.

venus in pisces

Here is a most romantic lover who will get carried away at the least encouragement. Life will be total bliss until they fall back to Earth with a resounding bump. They must develop an element of scepticism when approached by members of the opposite sex, and not look too hard for new partners. There is need for professional help in all financial matters.

Expect luxury and an aura of blissful relaxation from a Piscean with Venus in Taurus.

Shopping sprees are commonplace for a Piscean with Venus in Aquarius, and can cause financial problems.

venus in aries

Here are ardent and passionate lovers who will fall in love very quickly and enjoy sexual fulfillment along with a considerable measure of romance. Their emotional intensity is very strong and will sometimes confuse and even surprise them. While their desires are powerful, a lack of self-confidence may cramp their style. They are enterprising and good at making money.

venus in taurus

Venus will add depth, constancy, and stability to the emotional Piscean heart. Here are some very romantic and beautifully sensual lovers, but they need to be aware that possessiveness can mar their relationships. They will do much for their partners and will create a wonderfully comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. There is a common attitude towards money and a liking for luxury.

"Ever consider this Universe as one living Being, with one material substance and one spirit. Contemplate the fundamental causes, stripped of all disguises."

Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

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