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Libra is flirtatious when Venus is in Sagittarius, which can cause conflict in relationships.

venus in leo

Here the need for romance is more powerful than the desire for sexual fulfillment. These individuals will generally spend money freely - at times being accused of "buying" love. They are fun-loving people who need their partners to think well of them.

venus in virgo

This influence of Venus will dampen the desire for a permanent relationship. A psychological breakthrough will be needed if Libran qualities are to be fully developed. The critical tendencies of Virgo will sometimes be used to cover up sexual insecurity. A careful attitude to money is common.

Expensive gifts will be well-intentioned from a Libra with Venus in Leo, but might be seen as "buying" love, venus in libra

Harmony, balance, fairness, and romantic love are at their strongest here; Librans are at their most complete, and have the ability to relax in love and sex. Life, then, is beautiful - unless the balance is upset. Searching too hard for the ideal partner can cause problems, as can overspending.

venus in scorpio

The influence of the sun plus emotional strength from Venus provides a force which will be useful in furthering all spheres of these people's lives, and in enhancing the sex life. Provided that jealousy is guarded against at all times, here are exciting individuals who will be considerate towards their partners. A flair for making and spending money.

venus in sagittarius

Venus is in a lively, flirty, and frivolous mood in this sign, so the Libran love of romance and longing for a partner may conflict. If these individuals realize that a certain amount of independence is enjoyable they will do extremely well.

Expensive gifts will be well-intentioned from a Libra with Venus in Leo, but might be seen as "buying" love,


Although Venus is a very beneficial planet, we have two combinations that are potentially stressful. When Libra is the Sun sign and Venus falls in Virgo, the acceptance of much-wanted love and affection is thwarted by Virgo's acute critical sense. This will undermine a free flow of affection and add an element of uncertainty, especially when the individuals are self-critical.

When the Sun sign is Virgo and Venus is in Libra there are other complications: Virgos are known for their modesty, but the powerful Venus in Libra gives them a throbbing need for a beautiful relationship. To get full benefit from the glory of Venus in Libra, they will have to free themselves of their Virgoan lack of self-confidence.

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