Sun sign leo

venus in gemini

This placing adds a light-hearted and enthusiastic attitude to love, but with a considerable need for love and affection. The early stages of a relationship are especially enjoyable when a battle of words adds spice to the encounter. Leonine passion is present, and real friendship in the relationship is essential. There will be a logical approach to problems, and cash will usually be available when unexpected bills arrive.

venus in cancer

This adds considerably to Leo sensitivity - which is far more potent than many realize. Here the extravert Leo Sun will conceal injury and Cancerian worry will exaggerate the problem. sensuality plus passion will enhance the love and sex life, making for exciting and responsive partners. A love of works of art or antiques will lead to good investments for this canny group of Leos.

Prestigious art exhibitions will be naturally attractive to Leos who had Venus in Cancer at the time of birth.

venus in leo

Here we have the full Leo drama queens, who will do everything possible to enhance their relationship by expressing their fire-sign passion with gusto. They will give enormous encouragement, but, when breakdown occurs, the damage will be well above average. Money is important to pay for a much-enjoyed expensive lifestyle.

venus in virgo

Leo's enthusiasm for love and sex is restrained, and a bit of sexual inhibition is present - often expressed through criticism of a partner. Awareness of this should allow the warmth of the Leo Sun to counter the coolness of Venus. Circumspect attitude towards cash.

venus in libra

Sexual passion will be enjoyed in as much opulence as can be afforded. A lasting relationship is important, and may lead to putting too much expectation on partners. Leo's tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal is present, as is Libra's to pick a quarrel because it's nice to make up afterwards. Money will not be kept for very long.

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