Sun sign gemini

mercury in taurus

This powerful placing of Mercury does much to control Geminian superficiality, adds stability to the thought process, increases common sense, and instills a practical outlook. There is more consistency of effort, and less tendency to become restless.

mercury in gemini

All the basic Sun-sign characteristics of Gemini will be present, with duality, restlessness, and the inability to cope with boredom very much emphasized. The mind will work extremely quickly, darting from one aspect of a subject to another. There is natural intelligence and a tendency to give the impression of knowing more than they actually do.

mercury in cancer

There is considerable intuition in this group but a proneness to quite serious worry from time to time. This will be tackled with Geminian logic, but can cause a certain amount of inner conflict. The placing will add a fertile imagination and increased sensitivity, but logical reasoning may lead to the suppression of inner feelings.

sun sign: cancer mercury in gemini

This combination will allow the powerful Cancerian emotion to be tempered by a strong shot of Geminian logic, which will emerge when individuals are plagued with worry. This will help restrain their fertile imaginations and prevent them getting out of hand; they should then retain a sensible perspective, even when conditions are seriously stressful.

mercury in cancer

The Cancerian imagination should be creatively expressed, and good solutions will be found to personal


Mercury is often described as the planet of the mind. It affects the way we think - rationally, intuitively, slowly, or swiftly.

problems after much soul searching. A tendency to look to the past will be somewhat style-cramping. Tenacity is very strong in this grouping, and goes in tandem with steadfast determination, so that these Cancerians may well not know when enough is enough. The memory should be excellent, but sometimes resentfulness can mar friendships.

An artistic Leo will get a creative boost if Mercury was in Cancer at the time of his or her birth.

mercury in cancer

This placing adds sensitivity, intuition, and a certain shrewdness to the Leo characteristics. Cancerian imagination will be a considerable boon to artistic Leos, allowing full flights of fancy to work on whatever the individual is creating. There will be an above

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