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venus in aries

Geminians with an Aries Venus are the most passionate of their sign. This adds an interesting perspective to the personality, and enquiring Geminian minds will become even more sceptical than usual when they read about their Sun sign, which will have no mention of a deeply passionate and highly sexed attitude to love. Here are big spenders - even if they are not big earners.

venus in taurus

This placing stabilizes the light-hearted Geminian attitude to love, and will encourage faithfulness, a deeper expression of feeling, and a warm and loving attitude. The sex life will be fun, and sheer enjoyment and pleasure will be both given to and readily received from the partner. A love of beautiful things will prove expensive, but there is usually a talent for selling.

venus in gemini

Here are the flirts of the zodiac, with a natural gift for expressing their love -romantically and sexily or with the best chat-up lines ever. They can enjoy more than one relationship at a time, but have the knack of talking their way out of difficult situations. Money? They will make it one way or another.

Expensive boutiques will be the haunt of Geminians with Venus in Aries.

venus in cancer

Here is the poetic Gemini - a romantic lover and the least flirtatious of the sign. Great tenderness and sensitivity is beautifully expressed, and there is a tendency to worry about partners, often with less Geminian logic than might be expected of this very rational type. They have an excellent and shrewd business sense but are not always good at saving.

venus in leo

This placing will bring constancy to the Gemini who, while still enjoying flirting and giving new acquaintances a come-on, will have a desire for true love and affection, which will be warmly expressed. Here are Geminians who tend to collect broken hearts, but eventually find true love. They need to make a lot of money because of their love of the beautiful and the expensive.

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