Sun sign capricorn

Heaven of Mercury from an illuminated manuscript (1440) by Giovanni di Paolo of Dante's The Divine Comedy.

sun sign: aquarius mercury in capricorn

Here are two rather chilly sign influences getting together. These individuals' minds will be practical, logical, and inventive, with a tendency to stubbornness. There will be a very clear concept of what should be undertaken in a very conventional way and where greater freedom of expression can be expressed. If these two extremes work well - excellent; if not, a certain amount of inner conflict will have to be resolved.

mercury in aquarius

Aquarian Sun-sign characteristics will be further enhanced by this placing, as will increased stubbornness and unpredictability. Inventiveness and considerable originality will be expressed, and independence will be of prime importance. Freedom of expression to get on with their work and life in their own individual way is necessary.

mercury in pisces

This placing will add sensitivity and greater consideration of other people, so that the Aquarian independence is somewhat softened. The Aquarian humanitarian quality will be markedly strengthened, and the emotional impact of Pisces, through Mercury, will add an interesting and warm dimension to these individuals.

sun sign: pisces mercury in aquarius Mercury will add strength of mind to the pisces sun. There will be an element of determination and stubbornness which will also be extremely positive. The caring elements - so strong in this sun sign - will be further increased, and originality and inventiveness will add considerable sparkle and a touch of glamour to piscean creative interests.

mercury in pisces

Here are very piscean individuals. They often find it difficult to keep both feet on the ground. When they take off - if they can allow their incredible imaginations to take off with them and eventually give their ideas life and creative form - they will do extremely well. They are gullible and must try really hard to develop an element of sceptism at all times.

mercury in aries

This placing gives pisceans a lively and energetic intellectual boost. Their mind will work quickly and, for the most part, decisiveness and a direct approach to problems will be present, as will optimism and enthusiasm. At times they will waver and fall into a less assertive mood. They must realize that they need not feel negative and can always assess their problems in a positive frame of mind.

A touch of glamour is characteristic of a Piscean with Mercury in Aquarius.

A touch of glamour is characteristic of a Piscean with Mercury in Aquarius.


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