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venus in scorpio

The love and sex life will be taken very seriously, and the Venus influence will definitely add passion and very powerful feelings with an above average desire for sexual fulfillment. A final commitment may be delayed because of the need to experiment sexually and emotionally in order to choose the "right" partner. Here is considerable business ability.

venus in sagittarius

The love and sex life will be spiced with enjoyment and fun. Capricorn loyalty and faithfulness will be less evident. An element of independence is also present, and very freely expressed. However, the partners of this group will be expected to encourage and give support to the aspiring Capricorn ambitions and appreciate their ever-increasing bank balance.

venus in capricorn

Faithfulness and loyalty will always be in evidence, and the need to look up to the partner is important. The expression of love will be very cool, but because of the influence of the god Pan, who is related to Capricorn, sheer fun and a lively sexiness is present when the mood takes them. A canny and shrewd business sense is usual.

venus in aquarius

This is about as cool as any expression of love can be, with all the glamour and magnetism that Venus always bestows on Aquarius. Here is a need for independence and a sense of freedom, but at the same time a conventional style of relationship is also important. Flair for the new and original when investing can cause losses.

venus in pisces

The serious Capricorn exterior reveals an "old softie" within when it comes to love. There will be confusion and amazement when these individuals fall in love, and while enjoying every romantic encounter, they may well tend to tell themselves to pull themselves together. One minute they assiduously save, while the next they spend freely.

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