Sun And Mercury

Because these two bodies cannot be more than 28° apart, the only aspects they can form is the conjunction or the very weak semi-sextile. A detailed interpretation of Sun and Mercury in the same sign is on pp203-9. Use this as your guide, as in most cases it will apply and be very relevant.

A happy, carefree attitude is typical for the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter.

Sun and Jupiter

CONJUNCTION A lively, carefree influence which will bring optimism and a spirit of good fortune to the individual. Usually a liking for fine food and wine can bring about Jupiterian expansion - to the waistline. A jolly sense of humour is present. POSITIVE ASPECT A basically happy and contented individual who is not particularly competitive; can be sometimes interested in religion, the law, or publishing. NEGATIVE ASPECT There is a tendency to be blindly optimistic and to exaggerate. Can be pompous or reckless at times. Must be careful of gambling and any form of over-indulgence.

Sun and Saturn

CONJUNCTION A focal point of the chart. Sun-sign influence must not be ignored. A stop-go aspect, which will control impulsive behaviour, adds caution and often common sense, but can inhibit and cause depression and lack of self-confidence. POSITIVE ASPECT A good combination of positivity from the Sun, blended with Saturn's caution and common sense which will add stability and conventional outlook on life. Few risks will be taken. NEGATIVE ASPECT A heavy, sometimes depressive influence, causing low self-confidence and inhibition. However, it often acts as a wonderful anchorage in a chart that is extrovert and has planets in a fire sign.

Sun and Uranus

CONJUNCTION Rebelliousness, eccentricity, and unpredictability -modified if the Sun is in an earth sign. Emotional tension is present. Often considerable originality, but it needs positive expression, perhaps through inventiveness or creativity. POSITIVE ASPECT Here is personal magnetism and glamour, especially if Venus, which will not be very far away from the Sun, supports this possibility. Unconventional behaviour and outlook will be amusing to others but not too outrageous. NEGATIVE ASPECT Eccentricity and outrageous behaviour intended to shock is probable, along with perversity and stubbornness. These powerful energies can be controlled and contribute to a positive potential.

Sun and Neptune

CONJUNCTION Softens the influence of the Sun sign and adds sensitivity. There is often a tendency to unworldliness, with a tender, loving, and caring quality. Should develop creative interests.

POSITIVE ASPECT The fertile imagination will work extremely well. If these individuals are not inhibited by lack of self-confidence, there will be excellent results. Will have a powerful intuition. NEGATIVE ASPECT A tendency to be deceitful and to take the easy way out of difficult situations. This will unneccessarily complicate life and upset other people. Even prescribed drugs can have a negative effect.

Sun and Pluto

Sun and Chiron

CONJUNCTION There is often a power complex. From time to time, these individuals will seek to make drastic and clean breaks with the past -either in their personal lives or in their careers. Sometimes, there are deep-rooted psychological problems, which will quite suddenly be worked on and resolved.

POSITIVE ASPECT There is a loathing of clutter, which will be drastically cleared from time to time. sudden changes will be made in all spheres of life. These individuals often possess a good business sense. NEGATIVE ASPECT The inability to unburden oneself of problems will bring about periods of stress and frustration.

CONJUNCTION This placing will enhance the qualities of the sun sign, adding a sense of destiny and a need for achievements to be recognized. A tendency to hold on to psychological problems. Extrovert tendencies are likely to be present - less so if the planets are in the Twelfth House. POSITIVE ASPECT Not unlike the conjunction, but here there will be fewer and less suppressed psychological problems, while extrovert qualities are far more likely to be present. NEGATIVE ASPECT There will be inhibition and lack of self-confidence in the ability to develop the full potential, with some lack of motivation to "get going".

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