While selecting various possibilities for a career, we must remember that Scorpios are motivated to delve deeply into what fascinates them. While some have breadth of vision, many are specialists and supreme fact-finders. Here are the natural detectives, researchers, forensic surgeons, psychotherapists, and criminal investigators - or even criminals.

Choosing different paths in life, we find many Scorpios enjoy the national and merchant navies. They make superb engineers, and often, either as an occupation or serious hobby, they become wine specialists. Overall, their involvement in a career in which expert knowledge and research is essential will be more than merely satisfying.

Many Scorpios are extremely ambitious. They can carry considerable responsibility, and rather differently, also cope well with tough

Engineering is an excellent choice of career for many Scorpios.


Scorpios work hard for their families, to make life good for their partners and their children. They make demanding parents who, in their eagerness to have successful offspring, tend to j push their children too hard. They should know that they can discipline rather too strictly. They will encourage their children to be active, and will be at their best on the sidelines. But while they remember to cheer, they should not shout criticisms to deflate the youngster. If they praise enthusiastically, they will be expressing their Scorpio emotion in the very best way possible.

A "work hard, play hard" ethic will dominate family life if one parent is a Scorpio.

working and living conditions, such as those which may be experienced on a construction or engineering site, or on an offshore oil rig.

When they assume a top job, they become very demanding bosses -extremely strict with employees and subordinates. However, they will set always bear this in mind, especially after forming a permanent relationship or starting a family.

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