Slow and Steady is the

Capricorns are plodders and, once settled, will make slow and steady progress at school, with end-of-term results showing a gradual increase of a place or two in the class position. This is the way they function, and they should not be pushed or nagged if they do not seem to be working fast enough.

Strong legs and self-motivation are qualities that give Capricorns a great advantage on the athletics field.

It is worth remembering that they are thorough, and that once something is learned it will be remembered.

Many Capricorns have a flair for science and mathematics. When it comes to further education, these are the subjects worth considering. Chemistry and physics are also popular, as is archeology. Young Capricorns should be encouraged not to underestimate their ability and achievements, as the tendency to self-deprecation is common among them.

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