Signs of Affection

Capricorns will want to impress their lovers, and will vacillate between spending more money on them than they can actually afford and penny-pinching, when conscience strikes and common sense is the order of the day. Their partners will have to accept this quirk as part of their cautious nature.

Many Capricorns have a somewhat old-fashioned attitude towards love. They will always want to behave towards their partners in what they deem to be the correct manner. While this is fine, it can give the impression that they are somewhat older than they really are. Sometimes, especially when Capricorn has had a strict and maybe oppressive upbringing, it is necessary for their partners to encourage them to relax and free themselves in order to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Once committed and sure of their feelings, and sure, too, that these are reciprocated, they will move fast. Then they are anything but cool and distant. There is a relationship between this sign and the god Pan, who was highly sexed. Pan has a potent influence on the Capricorn sex life, turning these individuals into virile and lively partners. Then they get, and give, great pleasure, and bring a surprising amount of spontaneity and amusement into their relationships.

Strong-willed and aloof, actress Marlene Dietrich, born on 27 December 1904, was a renowned Capricorn.

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