Sexual compatibility is paramount for scorpio

be provided in all such activities so as to prevent any feeling of claustrophobia. If such feelings do emerge during the early stages of an affair, even before the commitment has been made, the chances are it will recur or simply persist. A lot of ''talking through'' will be essential, and the partner may have to accept the fact that the leopard does not change its spots.

Sexual compatibility is of enormous importance in a permanent relationship. It is, of course, important in all cases, but for Scorpios it is paramount. Any settling into routine is to be avoided at all costs, and the partner should be as interested in a varied sex life as the Scorpio. A partner who finds any area of sex obscene or repugnant is unlikely to be happy with a Scorpio, for whom experiment and change are a matter of course in this area.

Emotional outbursts will be apparent in a Scorpio from a young age.

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