Scorpios tend to be obsessive

a good example by often arriving at work before anyone else does, and will notice and reward dedication, good work, and the right kind of attitude. This keenness will bring about benefit for the rest of the team as well.

Scorpios tend to be obsessive about their careers. So, while they go all out for success, they can end up not spending as much time with their families as they should. This is something that will, no doubt, be pointed out to them when the partners can no longer put up with their preoccupation with work. It is advisable, therefore, that Scorpios

Born on 27 October 1914, the writer Dylan Thomas famously had the passion and energy so typical of a Scorpio.

investing shrewdly and wisely will be present due to the Scorpio influence as Sun, Rising, or Moon sign. They are generally interested in finance, and enjoy watching stock movements. They often intuitively know precisely the right moment at which to step into the market in order to buy or sell stocks. There are always some members of this sign who will risk all their capital, and as a result, lose everything. At such times, Scorpio individuals will turn to another facet of their personalities which will tell them that the problem is water under the bridge, and that now is the time to start to begin building their financial empire all over again. Not hankering after the past is what keeps them focused on the long term future.

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