Scorpio in love

When Scorpios fall in love, they fall really hard. They are not just sexually, but psychologically passionate - often with an almost obsessive affection for the partner and a hope that it is reciprocated with equal fervour.

An unrequited love will often act as a considerable challenge for Scorpios. They will not give up easily, and will pursue their admired one doggedly, using every trick in the book until they get the desired response.

Scorpio affairs will not be placid like a pleasant drift on a moonlit lake; they are better described as a highly enjoyable storm. There will be moments of blissful happiness, but their relationships will also be marred by upsetting quarrels and difficult moments. If the relationship is going to continue or develop into something permanent, these difficult moments need to be faced and resolved along the way.

Unfortunately, jealousy is very often the cause of problems where a Scorpio partner is concerned. They tend to draw the net even more tightly at such times, and become extremely possessive. They want to know every detail of the time that the partner did not spend with them. As a result, the partner may start feeling claustrophobic, and unable to do his or her own thing freely. Scorpio fears are, of course, frequently unjustified, but proving this can be quite difficult and tiresome. Their suspicious nature will need a lot of convincing that nothing untoward is going on.

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