Scorpio in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Scorpios are cautious about making friends. Before upgrading someone from an acquaintance's position to that of a friend, they will carefully take a look at the individual's lifestyle to make sure there is something in common to help seal the bond. Once the chord is struck, their friends will thoroughly enjoy the time spent together. Scorpios tend to go the whole way, and will inspire their friends to make a greater effort in their careers, or in any interests or hobbies (especially if they are shared with the Scorpio). They also love good food and wine, and often entertain lavishly.

Sharing a sporting activity with a Scorpio may be a good idea, not only because they will inspire us into action, but also because it will help the Scorpio use his or her physical energy in a satisfactory manner. Sessions at the gym, on the sports field, at the pool, or on the dance floor are likely to end with a lively but exhaustive talk about their current preoccupation.

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