Scorpio in Education Jobs and Money

Parents will soon notice that their Scorpio child has plenty of energy, and, when uncomfortable or distressed, tends to respond rather more emotionally than other children. It will be interesting for parents to see how fascinated their infants get with anything that catches their eye. The attention span of Scorpios can be surprisingly long for their age.

When they first go to nursery school, there could be some problems as the Scorpio child may feel insecure. He or she will certainly become very possessive of the toys they are playing with. On the other hand, their phenomenal energy will far exceed that of any young Taurean or Sagittarian.

Scorpio children should be given small, regular tasks to do, since they respond well to routine. This will be useful both at the nursery school and at home, especially if another child is going to be born in the family. Getting the child involved as early as possible, before

Possessiveness over toys is a certainty with Scorpio children.

Possessiveness over toys is a certainty with Scorpio children.

the baby is born, is advisable. This group of zodiac children are far more prone to jealousy than any other. Encouraging them to be little helpers, at bath time and so on, will help prevent trouble.

If young Scorpios become quiet and moody, they are usually facing some problem. However, it could be extremely difficult to get them to talk about it. When asked how they got on at school, they may brush it off by saying, ''oh, all right'', and walk away. But there could be some problems which parents will probably need to sort out with teachers, sooner rather than later.

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