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The Moon's influence over Scorpio is a potent and very powerful ingredient of the personality as a whole. It adds considerable depth to the individual, and takes his or her emotional energy to a very high level. The response to situations will tend to lean in one of the two directions. Either the Scorpio will become extremely quiet and brooding, holding back until he or she feels the time is right to take action, and to respond verbally. Or else, in the case of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Taurus as their Sun or Ascendant signs, they will react immediately by flaring up, and putting everyone in their place with a display of anger. As emotions are heightened by the Moon, the tendency to overreact and dramatize situations is considerable. When stressed, the individual may also suffer from jealousy, or may become resentful. Sulkiness can also occur.


The Moon will encourage the Scorpio to always see a project to its end. Scorpios will be eager to get to the root of everything that involves or interests them. Being perfectionists, they have to ''get things right'', and they will rest only when they have done so. An element of possessiveness can occur, but this will usually emerge only as an immediate response to a particular situation. This possessive streak can be countered by the presence of other planetary influences in the chart.

This planetary placing may at the same time emphasize sexual needs, as well as a tendency to be sexually

The exhilarating and physical demands of surfing will help a Scorpio burn off some of his or her huge energy.

impulsive. This, of course, can be good fun and hence delightful; but, if the urge is particularly potent, the individual can be susceptible not just to choosing the wrong partner, but to life-threatening ailments as well. At its best, this sign placing will pleasantly enhance the sexual impulse and response, and make for an excitingly erotic sexual partner.

The Effects of a Fixed Sign

Faced with an apparently lazy child, parents with a Scorpio Moon may well resort to a very strict disciplinary régime. They might even attempt to bully the child into action. In other ways, there can be a fairly harsh reaction to anything the Moon-in-Scorpio individual considers reprehensible. Such a person will, for instance, favour strong curbs on criminals or illegal immigrants, to the extent that others may find it difficult to argue with him or her, let alone convince them that they are overreacting. Scorpio is a "fixed" sign, and flexibility of thought and opinion does not come easily. In fact, in most situations it is difficult for anyone to change the minds of people who have their Moon in Scorpio.

Have an energetic game of squash with your Scorpio partner to keep your relationship as well as your bodies in good health.

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